Donholm utamu

Yoh, nani amelima hii gal ya Donholm hapo caltex? Inadai imebeba rasa big sana. Bring your experiences. [ATTACH=full]378845[/ATTACH]

Not sure if you are trolling or not, but that pic has circulated to every corner of the net including dark web.

The only thing that is not a lie there ni namba ya simu na location. The name, sexy description na pictures ni all fake

That is a fake pic IDIOT…The real owner of that photo is a Tanzanian.,…Acha nikuoshe macho na picha zake…Just go to Sabina Joy and choose a hoe… Achana na internet chics…


Nipewe contact za big booty in Nairobi cbd basi


This mamaa is some different lanye hayuko menya hata. Nairobihot na the call girl website’s should see how a lady posts her real picture sio kutuchocha hapa…

Tamu kama sunguch

Either utapata wamama wazee Sana ama utachunishwa. You will not find anything close to the photo unaona

That was savage:D:D:D


I hate her last year. She is a BBW and very clean. She has a very clean pussy, haijachomeka and very friendly. Enda uoshe rungu


Kiulisooooooooooooooo! How many dollars do these ladies charge per shot?

1K or 10 dollars

What the fuck dude? Do you mean guys pay this much for pussy? All I can afford for a urine tank is $1 per shot, if I go high $2. Urine tanks should be for free. Human beings should help one another.