Dong Fang hapana tambua Naija Coca Brodas

Video of an oga getting his ass whooped by weak rice farmers. It’s unclear what his crime is, probably walking while black. [ATTACH=full]298032[/ATTACH]

What’s behind the beating ? Can’t be racism, cause there are other blacks there who aren’t attacked.

After everything you’ve seen over the past week you don’t think it’s racially motivated?

Nah ! ! ! My guess , that video was taken before the outbreak, you can tell by the kind of clothing they are wearing, and none of them have a mask.
If it was racial, the other blacks in there would be suffering the same fate.

Where did I mention Covid-19?

I was responding , with the question you asked, it’s only after the outbreak, which was in winter, and in the past few weeks that racism in china is strongly coming out.

The past few weeks are after the outbreak, and that video is before the outbreak

Start reasoning. So for it to be racist, it has to affect all blacks? It is like saying that police shootings of blacks in US is not racist because not all blacks are shot

What’s the story behind the beating ? , or you are trying to say these oga were walking on the street, and a bunch of pandas pounced on one of them, solely because of his skin color, and gave him a beating ?
Even , when police shoot in the US, there’s always a story behind.

Bunch of pandas tena? Sio rice farmers?

Ofcourse there could be a frivolous pretext

the names can be used interchangeably .

without that story we can only speculate, but, racism has to be thrown out out of the window .

The dude is strong. All those blow and he still manages to walk?

See how they bitched up at the end when other africans finally came through and called a stop to it…
Those guys bitched up reall quick when the numbers started to even out…

The Chinese can never mistreat Africans like the evil whites, they said.
I would like to see a video of illegal black immigrants in Germany being thrown out at this hour. Or the Syrians who walked to Germany and Switzerland a few years ago, because in fact all of them are all illegals.

When you have a communist state which has been locked away from capitalist foreigners for decades the citizens are often very protective and defensive. Think of that country like a gated community. When you enter a gated estate as a visitor you are treated as an unwanted suspect. That is China or Russia. If you are black and you visit North Korea you will be treated as a spy even if you are a guest of the state. What have you come to do here?

Tandika yeye kabisa Naijachieth…

Your caption is hilarious.:D:D:D:D:D

Just stumbled on this.


Mwili yenye imejengwa na fufu and egusi soup haiwezi kushindwa na mwili ya mchele na noodles