Donda is Out

I was hoping for a battle with Drake. Kama ile ya 50 Cent [MEDIA=spotify]album/340MjPcVdiQRnMigrPybZA[/MEDIA]

It’s a classic bro

27 tracks ni nyingi,bruh

It doesn’t matter. Knaye can release a 50 track album we gon bump to it.

Oh I’m copping this tonight

This shit a classic brodas.

Njaruo spirituals. Njaruo affairs.

Petco I thought you would affirm seeing as Kanye is a diehard of Trump

This is not a classic but definitely an improvement

It’s a classic bro

Labda ni kuzeeka.

The bootleg version I downloaded last week haikuwa na tracks mingi ivyo.
Ama hii ni deluxe edition?

hii ndo legit

Thanks for the heads up…wacha tuijaribu.

Going by the comments on other media…shit sounds wack…trap drums & mumble rap.
Ndio hio nimedownload.
Im going in.

Too early to jugde. Hii project naisorora mdogo mdogo nikidigest.

He was trying to compete with drake for streams. 27 tracks is too fakingg much.

Jimit, you’re a huge Kanye West fan but clearly, that seriously clouds your judgement. Everything that Kanye has released since Yeezus has been TERRIBLY MEDIOCRE, by Ye’s prior standards! He has been on a downward spiral on many fronts for a while now and this new record manifests that.

Why did he need a whopping 108 minutes for this record? It’s so scatterbrained and lacks any justification for the crazy excessive run time.

This is plausible, because this could have been easily trimmed to 10-12 tracks, advice which I’m sure Ye’s big ego refused.

I’ve given this 2 full spins since jana!! Nothing much to dissect here. The songwriting is also weak AF, just like the previous album. He seems to have kicked to the curb all those ghostwriters who worked so well with him in the past, to serious detriment. Kanye needs to take a looooooooong break from making music. He’s not in the right place mentally and he’s been lacking that he je ne sais quoi since Yeezus. Metacritic will butcher this. Peep the early critics; my thoughts, exactly…


Listened to that shit last night with a clear mind. And I believe it’s safe to say the Old Kanye died a long time ago. I was just hyped that Dodnda had dropped is all. Nothing to write home about

Yeezus is peak Kanye