Donald trump's house raided by the FBI


What are they looking for ?

Maybe He left with classified documents…

Could be a covert operation to plant surveillance devices

He is supposed to have left the Whitehouse with 15 boxes of classified documents. And it is a sanctioned search with warrant not a raid!

A raid isn’t very covert.

Covert in purpose

The Secret Service that shadows Trump 24/7 could easily do that from day 1 in 2016, or any time after that.

How can it be covert and it’s all over the news ?

Alipotea na Air Force 1 inauguration akaenda mar-a-Enugu na stolen gova docs…usually FBI wakikuom kesi yako inakuwanga ikifinaliziwa…ni smoking gun yakuseal conviction…

Sump Trucks…atavaa kunguru na apate inmate number by end next year…

See my prior reply. But hey, it’s just speculation.

Soowwy hadn’t seen that.
Late last night I rewatched a navy seals movie- Act of valor - ndio maana najifanya mjuaji hapa sahii about tactical shit.

na hill billies wakizusha?

Law and Order president…atajua maanake…hill billies kadhaa sasa wanapigwa ma conviction za Jan 6…so far kuna wa 7 years na 5 years…na hakutakosa watu watakula hashu…na this is leniency coz bi bazungu…

Democrats seem to be campaigning for Trump… Weird fellows

No simply following due process

Umezoea sarakasi za kinoti. But let’s go with ur theory…how can it be democrats na most likely watu wamemupeana ni his circle. Those are the ones with the info eti alibeba classified docs.


Zoom out… Whatever he’s done this raid makes him out to be a martyr being “persecuted”. Radicalizes his base and swings moderates his way.
And it’s not just this raid that Democrats have screwed up on… It’s like every week they come up with ridiculous stuff eg hiring 87,000 new IRS agents or sending a billion to Ukraine or pushing fuel prices to the roof

Trump doesn’t have that huge of a base as we are made to believe…the loudest maybe. He barely eked a win against Hillary, a very unpopular candidate at the time and went on to lose against guka biden - the RAO version of US elections. Regarding fuel prices even Europe is feeling the heat…Biden hana control ya putin.

Trump is a real american patriot… he offered peace through strength while biden brought war through weakness. Trump even visited kim jong un in north korea. The world was more peaceful through him… ata he opted to let us run our affairs since he considered us shitholes, rather than intefering… trump demanded all nato members to pay their fair share instead of the US bearing the burden. He wanted to bring back american industries home and MAGA…[ATTACH=full]456877[/ATTACH]