Donald Trump won’t make it past primaries. Already lagging unlike 2015.

I called this first in 2021. Trump won’t make it past primaries. Desantis looking like will send Trump to political Siberia. Mid-Term elections have completely changed the dynamics.

[B][I]DeSantis has been catapulted past Trump in several polls after Trump suffered a poor outcome in the midterms.

A number of the former president’s high-profile endorsees lost. Several party figures, including Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have suggested Trump is harming the party’s brand.[/I][/B]

Perennial Poll non-believer @Sidindi Bey you can check the stands.

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If there is anything the press should learn is to try and be cautious about reports on Trump. He may end up embarrassing them again

It’s different this time. Last time they gave home free audience. This time he is suppressed.

Last time he was a breath of fresh air now he is stale everyone knows the kind of trash he will spew , the media this time will ignore him knowing last time their coverage made him !

You’re so wrong. Repeat after me: Trump has no equal in the Republican Party. Without Trump, DeSantis is a nobody really, just a domestic policy wonk from Florida. DeSantis can’t dream of winning the primaries without the support of US evangelicals and since he’s Catholic that won’t fly AT ALL. Trump’s mind blowing grasp of foreign policy will make Desantis look like a fish out of water lol.

I said it that Trump would struggle against a young and vibrant challenger. If you think religion will count , Mitt Romney, a Mormon, took the flag. Remember that.

Trump answers questions out of script. He will be no match for Desantis on debates. The free publicity he got in 2015 is all but gone. He’s no longer the enigmatic politician cum entertainer.
And a bruising Primary will pretty much doom his chances in the Presidential election. That’s why he was calling on Desantis to not run.

A lot can happen in 2 years, we shall see.

The Democratic nominee will be either Biden, or if he steps down, John Fetterman. CNN called Fetterman a “pioneer,” “a man who knows how to win elections.” :smiley:

Trump will depend on his solid 20-25 million strong Far Right White MAGA base supporters to vie for GOP leadership…

Ron DeSantis is smart and politically savvy …
He knows a combination of legal problems , political rejection and a fierce Democratic challenge will fix Trump in 2024 …
There will be no “red wave” …
President Joseph Biden will easily beat Trump again and serve his final term of Office until 2028 …

DeSantis will then have a clear field in 2028 and will have had enough time to marshal resources and allies …

Unless , the Democrats can persuade Mrs Michelle Obama to partner with Beto O’Rourke or Pete Buttigieg …:D:D




YOU are so wrong …
Trump ( …like Adolf Hitler… ) has only his reliable fringe base that makes him appear formidable …
But his hardcore 20-25 million fanatic MAGA “base” will not win him any victories …:D:D

He has no grasp of anything …
He is just an old , worn out , tax dodging , racist autocrat with no place in modern US politics … :smiley: