Donald Trump: The World Would Be Better With Saddam And Gadaffi In Power

I just stumbled upon this clip from 6 years ago where Trump was explaining how Gaddafi’s Libya and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and
the world in general would be better if they were still alive, he also pointed out how America is pouring billions of dollars into the
war and backing rebels who they know nothing about. he also said America should focus more on rebuilding the country, that
America is 19trillion dollars indebt (now 23 trillion) with infrastructure that is a disaster. he also stated that America needs to focus
more on itself rather than pouring billions into the middle East with nothing to show for

I personally never in my life thought I would agree with Trump, but he’s absolutely right

Man’s got a point whether you like him or not both countries have gone to shit

USA is terrorist number 1

The guy was really smart

Trump was the best leader of the world. I don’t know why people were so much opposed to the change. Maybe people tend to act on emotion and what others say instead of thinking.

Gaddafi’s Libya was already in civil war. Gaddafi was bombing Benghazi as if it was a different country. If Gaddaffi was alive today, the civil war would still be going on like in Syria. People have very short memories.

Wewe go back to your CNN bubble .Gaddafi was handily beating the rebels and would have wrapped up the war had NATO not intervened .

My President…The US will never find another Leader as truly dedicated to The US like Trump

Some people think Miguna can make a great leader of the world too.

miguna is a fool. as a person you can have a few flaws, but you cant insult and ridicule everybody and everything and hope to achieve anything.

You have just described Bwana Tilampu. All his four years, he insulted and ridiculed everyone around him

just leftist felt insulted. the left is not everyone.

Gaddafi’s Libya was way beyond many dare I say European countries the kind of incentives kawaida citizens had in the country were unbelievable…the only thing is he had dictatorial tendencies lakini ata m7 Bado ni prezo na hasaidi ug let’s not believe the west’s lies even Libyans today regret the shitshow that is Libya after Gaddafi

@Rene. You appear to be a reasonable person. But to say Tilampu only insulted the left is kinda pushing it. Ama?

And fence sitters too. Worse than left.

Birds of a Feather …

Trump is absolutely stupid and by common acclaimation , the absolute WORST Potus that the US has ever had since 1776 …

He is the last person to talk about the US Economy…
He has never paid Income Tax on his Billions …
He who was trying to build a Wall at the Mexican border and who thinks Putin and Kim are great leaders …

Bure Kabisa … :mad: