Donald Trump is NOT Getting Richer Off The Presidency. Why?

His net worth, by our calculation, has dropped from $4.5 billion in 2015 to $3.1 billion in the last two years, knocking the president 138 spots lower on the Forbes 400.

By refusing to divest from his businesses since he became president, Trump raised an unprecedented question:
How would the most divisive presidency in modern American history affect a company built on the president’s persona?

Three factors are at play. Much of that decline is due to deeper reporting, which revealed, for example, that the president had been lying about the size of his penthouse. Some of it is due to larger market forces. Trump owns commercial space at a time when e-commerce is decimating brick-and-mortar retail, shaving more than $100 million off his fortune—and no amount of bully-pulpit Amazon-bashing will change that. But the third factor comes from how Trump the president affects Trump the brand. Those familiar with him saw his 2016 run as a surreal marketing strategy, and Trump has said as much, telling Fortune way back in 2000, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

After multiple bankruptcies, Trump adroitly turned his business toward real estate management and licensing, slapping his name on other people’s buildings, ties, steaks and even a urine test—allowing him to make money while others take all the financial risk. But partners at three Trump-branded hotels (Toronto, Panama, New York City’s SoHo) have taken the president’s name off their projects, which helps explain why politics has dragged that segment of the Trump hotel empire down about $30 million, by Forbes’ estimates.

Because he is working

MANGELE-PA Trump wasnt in it to make money! Divisive? Hiyo ni mambo ya Dems, painting him a bad picture, yaani siasa ya huko kwao.
Unemployment is down to 3% in 50yrs!!! He’s gonna sail through into his second term like a piece of cake!

Ngojea second term from 2020…mtajua Trump ni mzito kwa kuiba pesa kuliko Jubilee and Ruto combined