Donald Trump Breakthrough

Naina watu huku wakijinyoga @rexxsimba usijiue


Someone tell @rexxsimba that for now anyonge tu his monkey with those his hippos. He should reserve the main mnyongo for november. Then will be best time kujinyonga.


So he only needs $17.5m. Hapa ameponea.

Ndio nilikuwa nashangaa mbona hange contest hiyo bond amount? It was too high, and it seemed intended to finish him. Someone said he couldn’t win the appeal. Kweli it’s not over till the fat lady sings.


Political prosecution is what it was.


Ni kama kushikwa overspeeding. Some people get caught, some don’t.

And his supporters have already raised over $300m for the case. The more the cases, the more he earns.

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Or like one of my student leaders in a past life used to say, you just cant stop an idea whose time has come.

The judge saw it was no point needlessly antagonising the next president. No need to make powerful enemies ovyo ovyo with useless leftwing shenanigans. Jumping ship after seeing signs of the times.

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The judge is wise, has seen far.


Where did you get $300m? You can’t use campaign funds for personal expenses. Many politicians are languishing in jail because of that.

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Atleast guka trump atakanyanga faggets kina @tauren kama mende


Msito Trump is winning big

Niko nyumer ya ankle Trump

MAGA 2024

The Biden administration is hell bent in ensuring that Trump is not in the ballot. The plan was to render him bankrupt. This is a dangerous presidence that the NY is setting and will see a few investors relocating from the state.


why is @rexxsimba not appearing anywhere on the thread?

This has been happening gladually but I believe the punitive bond metted on Trump will accelerate the migration. Far left wingers at times act on their emotions which are always whimsical.

Amejifungia kwa choo akilia sana