Donald Trump Bond Deadline

Donald Trump is looking down a Legal Bond Deadline

Trump has until Monday 25th March 2024 to come up with approximately USD: 500 Million in Cash to Pay the Bond.

The big problem is , our famous Billionaire does not have the Cash

  • 30 Banks and Finance Institutions have refused to give him the money against his fixed Assets.
    Apparently all are mortgaged or tied up with other loans
  • Donald Trump has a poor Credit history with most finance sources and has a reputation of not paying his bills on time.
  • Individuals capable of giving him this money (… the Russian , Saudi and Chinese Oligarchs , shady dark money sources or even Putin…) would attract negative attention as to the sources or legality of the transaction and what Trump , as a future President , would be required to “offer” in return.
  • almost all US Billionaires do not want to be to be associated with his shady character and politics.
  • His son-in-law and daughter have recently received USD: 2 Billion from the Saudi Investment Fund ( …actually a bribe… ) to invest in the US on behalf of Saudi Prince MBS ( …the guy who had Khashoggi murdered…).
    If any of this money was to be utilized , it would immediately attract the attention of the IRS ( for Taxation purposes ) and possibly an FBI Inquiry on money laundering charges.

So …
In Short …
Trump is between a Rock and a very hard place.
New York Attorney General , Ms : Letitia James is ready to pounce on all his New York Assets before he can attempt to transfer them or declare bankruptcy …

It is going to be an interesting week for Donald Trump:joy::rofl::fire::fire:

He doesn’t have the time to come up with 1/2b. Then next, they will start auctioning his properties. Now that he can’t appeal. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

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OK, he may not be a very charismatic figure, but isn’t that sum too high for bond, even for a billionaire? It’s like some people are determined to crush him completely, kumsaga kama ngano. Can’t the bond conditions be challenged, 'cause this is beginning to look like a form of persecution.


This is what’s happening. He can get a company to put up a bond . But they will charge a 10% fee. That is ~$50m. Which is what bond companies charge. So then he asks himself, by how much can he reduce that $470m judgement in a appeal. If he can reduce it by more than $50m, then it’s worth paying for the bond. If he can’t, he will lose more money than the judgment because of costs associated the new legal fees, etc.

In summary, it’s a business decision. Bond by law is the judgement amount. It prevents appellants from filing cases with the sole purpose of buying time. Reducing it is difficult, you will be challenging the law and not judicial discretion.


Then this is very difficult, because he’s likely to lose the appeal. He should just bite the bullet and buy the bond. His options are too few, and there’s no time.

they will not succeed

Not charismatic? What do you mean?

Anyway, hio yote ni theatre. But I see your ‘friend’ up there is so emotionally invested in hating Trump he’s unable to seperate theatre from reality. But to each their own…


The DEMONcrats have turned the US into a banana republic. For ages, they were lecturing the world about democracy and the need for a fair playing field for all political contestants but they doing the exact opposite trying to jail and bankrupt political opponents.

So one says his flat in donholm nairobi is worth 20m, then the judge says you must be jailed for fraud because you have said your flat is worth 20m and not its “real market” value of 18m, and you must raise a 20m bond for the fraud case otherwise the flat will be sold. What kind of madness is this. How stupid can a judicial system be?

The idiot judges in the US should know that even a 1 bedroom flat owned by trump is worth millions due to the “Trump brand” and market values dont apply. You cant jail a celeb just because the brand of his t - shirt costs more than other t shirts in the market.

So Trumps crime is that “he owes millions in potential lost interest by the banks that loaned him money, and from the profits of his sale of his New York golf course and Washington DC hotel”.

If the banks are not complaining that they are owed any money (the so called potential lost interest) why is this stupid woman being used to sumbua Trump. Trump should deport her back to Congo on Nov 6.

I just love the way that Donald Trump is pulling the wool on almost everyone’s Eyes

  • he is an overgrown ( and overweight ) child of privilege who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
  • he lived a sheltered early life under the control and watchful eye of his ruthless father and inherited billions upon his death.
    Elder siblings and relatives were disenfranchised or fell out with him over his character and behavior.

Over time , he had a reputation of screwing over business associates to the extent that he has only one partner left in a loss making Las Vegas Hotel venture.
Even if he sold his stake , the proceeds would be quickly gobbled up by his Tax Obligations and pending bills

  • he systematically squandered his father’s wealth with loss making startups , fancy business ventures , con operations that ultimately got him a very bad reputation and no real friends.

To date , ALL his business ventures have failed and he is left with only his properties, all which are heavily leveraged.
With the mess of his personal relationships , 3 marriages and business failures , he decided to venture into politics

In a nutshell , Donald Trump is in trouble because of his own Personal Conduct.

  • the Democrats are not responsible for his life long Mysoginist transgressions and abuse of females which has now cost him dearly.
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his failed business ventures and bankruptcies.
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his IRS Tax evasions and fake declarations.
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his illegal inflation of his personal assets to obtain favorable loans from Financial Institutions.
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his actions that led to 2 Impeachments ( he is the only twice Impeached US president in one term of office … !! )
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his denial of the 2020 Election Loss and his actions in planning , execution and leading the Capital Insurrection of 06th January 2021.
    In spite of over 42 legal challenges in various States , NO evidence of falsified 2020 Electoral Fraud has ever been presented.
    President Joseph Biden won the 2020 Election Fair and Square.
  • the Democrats are not responsible for his refusal to hand over National Security Documents , even when repeatedly requested. In fact , he has gone as far as to hide even more , contrary to what President Biden did with his.

These are all his personal actions and activities that have culminated in 91 Indictments for Crimes and Misdemeanors that he now faces.
And because of his incorrigible nature and behavior, a few more are on the way.

So , for Donald Trump , wining the November 2024 Election is his only way of :-

  • buying time , extending and exerting presidential influence on the investigative and court system.
  • using the presidential office to go after those he sees as enemies.
  • pardoning accused and jailed associates who could incriminate him in his wrong doing.
  • using the presidential office for gain ( …as he did with the USD: 2 Billion from the Saudi Arabia Investment Fund money under the control of his Daughter and Son-in-Law , Jared Kushner … )

So …
Kindly get your facts correct before you get on the anti-Biden chorus that has become so prevalent by most of the uninformed Juveniles in here:blush:

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Hehe, you are livid man, calm down. Of course I find that illogical, but I would rather you looked at it as being a universal unfairness not just because it affects Trump. I don’t see his charisma because he’s crooked and racist.

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@Lionheart :
A basic understanding of the Law is important here

If you purchase a car for 1 million and later sell it for 2 million to a willing buyer , that is generally considered shrewd business practice.
It could be considered unethical by some , but definitely not illegal…

On the other hand , if a vehicle valued at 1 million was overvalued at 6 million , and presented to a Financial Institution as collateral to secure a loan 6 million , that is Criminal Fraud.
( …and common sense …in the event you default , the Financial Institution could only recover 1 million maximum for their outlay of 6 million plus interest and legal fees …)

This was something Donald Trump did repeatedly and he now sits on a “bubble empire” that owes loans that the real value of his Assets cannot service even when liquidated.

This was the finding and basis for the ruling of the Court and it applies to all , not just Donald Trump.

The idea of the Appeal Bond is universal
It stops frivolous litigation and nuisance appeals that are designed to prevent or subvert the execution of Court Orders and Judgements.