Donald Trump and the UAE ... Aka United Arab Air Mattress

Donald Trump has been sparking rumors that he could be suffering from dementia because his memory hasn’t been well.

Last week, the POTUS unveiled his Middle East Peace Plan, which was endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the unveiling of the Middle East Peace Plan, Trump appeared to be having some difficulties speaking. At one point, the president sounded as though he was thanking the United Arab Air Mattress instead of the United Arab Emirates.
A video of Trump shows him thanking a slew of countries in the Middle East include Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE. The POTUS was able to pronounce the first two countries correctly, but he fumbled while saying Emirates.

People who speak in public every month, every week, every day, every hour will be caught tongue slipping once in a while. Try it yourself, you will see.

Lakini, I can quote at least 50 instances of the left leaning media telling us that Trump has “finally gone mad, gone insane, lost his memory”, or succumbed to one or other grave mental condition. Every time they say this, we look at Trump the next day to see if he looks unkempt, drooling etc…we dont. America seems to be running more efficiently than it has ever run, people are getting employed more than they ever have been, countries that have been taking advantage of America seem to be finally coming to the table to right the wrongs (under Trump’s pressure)…in all we seem to be getting a picture of a stronger, and stronger, and stronger president with each passing day.

Long live uncle Don.

Debt ceiling is now under control as Republicans promised …that’s good

Reminds me of Lord Guinness and of how he miraculously became the 1st person to be cured of dementia as soon as the judge exonerated him from his case because he was too ill.