Donald Kipkorir to be paid 1.3B legal fee by Nairobi county - eti he defended Nairobi county against the govt

Thieves must be stopped. Where is wajackoyah the 5th to hang the corrupt thieves?


Why is he stealing from us Nairobians?


“The 3,000-acre land valued at Sh61.5 billion was forcibly taken over by the Kenya Defence Forces, triggering the suit in 2012. But the matter was withdrawn in June last year, without the involvement of Mr Kipkorir.”

Who was president during that whole period?

Leo umeruka mtunwenu wa Assmio?


George Kethi is set to pocket a similar amount from kilifi county

Thieving kipmeno. @Kalenjin101 ebu ona watu wenu.

Yes, this is the way thieves are now stealing tax payers money on abroad daylight and telling the public they have stollen

Hiyo ni waseh wa city council wamekosa projects na tenders za ku siphon hizo chapaa kabla change of guard they werent expecting now that sakaja akona mpenyo…waliamua liwe liwalo hiyo doh lazima itoke by hook or crook and voila…a willing conspirator.

Pakeni hizo haga lube ya kutosha…na mpake vizuri kwote kwote.

Deal kama hizi utakuta hio pesa itagawanwa na watu kama 100 who are all in on it.

Africans joke a lot. Pesa ya umaa ndio imekuwa ya kuendea choo. If someone gave you shs.1.3m daily, he will have to do it for two years and eight months ndio ifike 1.3billion. Another way of looking at it; ukiingia SJ na 1.3b, na uamue kutomba 5 lanyes everyday bila kuruka Siku yeyote, it will take you 3,562 years to burn through the money.

wakili amepiga kazi, amepeana fee note Court registrar amepitisha . Kananu alipe boy wetu Kipkorir pesa yake . case closed

That’s the contract he signed with the city. So he has to be paid.

Ata za Kananu ziko hapo

Do people know how much he was paid defending Nssf against jirongo?

:D:D:Dwaaah…the year 5584. SJ will NOT be there, let alone the human race

SJ is a future proof business. Miaka na mikaka itakuwepo.

Uhuru amefanya kazi buana

We see the puppet, now where is the puppeteer?