Donald Kipkorir is on oxygen support

For Covid at pale Aghakhan.[ATTACH=full]334821[/ATTACH]

Venye ako na tumuguu tukonde atatoboa kweli ?

Ako na pesa. Hapa bill haitakuwa less than 2Mill irregardless.

,… he will make it through prayers up for him.

huyu ghassia anakuwanga male SLAY/DRAMA QUEEN

Hii ghasiaa ndo nani sasa?..

@Black Panther thinks that this guy is acting.

That is not a hospital bed you will find at Aga Khan.

Its not a support its supplemental.O2 Support is evasive,design ya ICU or HDU

Thats Zhara pavillion not for pissants.notice the wood trimming headboard and personal a/c. Ignore the skidmark on the pillow

We learn new things every day[ATTACH=full]334886[/ATTACH]

Nkurunziza hakuwa na pesa ?

All mps,governers ,senators,C’s, Jayden &Rao should get covid so that they can be serious with priorities.