Donald B Kipkorir

Reports reaching my desk says that this dude be complaining about overnight millionaires because ‘he worked hard for his money’. That right there is a remark of bitterness, entitlement and outright demagoguery. What is wrong with other people getting to their destination faster than you. Hell, you used a chopper but these guys used jet planes! True, corruption was involved particularly at county level but don’t tell us that you are clean yourself. We all know how the system works. Don’t be mad just because someone else’s opportunity came sooner than yours did. Enjoy your slay king lawyer’s sought of life and let other’s enjoy their lives too. Live and let live.

Meanwhile fucking isn’t stopping. It just isn’t, Bwana Donald!



Problem with overnight birrionaores rhe haven’t added value to economy meaning its ill gotten wealth

Mnyambo ya punda link iko wapi?

I always argue that these looters could still use the money to create jobs and make a significant contribution to economic growth, problem is that they are all risk averse, wanaogopa sana kurudi kwa umaskini so they pump all that cash into real estate suffocating us with ugly malls all over the place…how I wish they invested directly into manufacturing or even agriculture…a few more brooksides are better in an agric oriented economy than those malls. Hata billionaire kama ruto bado anangangana kujenga apartment blocks!

You’ve spoken well. Never really looked at that angle. Nice

For you to resort to stealing to get ahead, it means you have poverty in your mind. No amount of money would overshadow that poverty of the mind.

Very greedy person

same argument i have been having with some friends, you loot public funds and can’t even get creative with the loot. at build some factories to process and export farm produce back in your home county. Instead of building malls, shops and importing useless luxury crap. the future generations may forgive you for that.

Kenya mtu akipata pesa sijui nini hufanya aone the only investment ni developing property. We’re not creative.

@kopalo also raised a point on the so-called Kenyan elite. There’s no difference between them and the general hoi polloi. He wondered why they are so dependent on government jobs. There was talk about how Yvonne Wamalwa had been “neglected” by Jubilee juu hakurudishiwa kazi yake. That’s why when they’re out of power/connections, they fall back to where they naturally belong. Huku chini.

With real estate…they claim it’s more of a secure investments…

But for manufacturing… Looters feel like they will loose their loot…and go back to bieng paupers…

So they would rather have un occupied buildings… But it’s still theirs…than have a collapsed factory…that you can’t rent out…

now you know…

I’m not an economist neither do I read widely but I think manufacturing and those non-real estate investments suggested above are not easy. I think real estate is easier to manage compared to manufacturing. Imagine getting those licenses, the cost of employing, cost of doing business. If you stole the money you will not have the patience for all that.

Sasa mtu sio biashara ameanzisha ndiyo awe billionaire so how do you expect him/her to open a factory, company or organization for that matter?
They are not risk averse my virtual friend, they are just devoid of business ideas and that is why the issue of creating an enabling environment for business is foreign to them. In Kenya the rich register companies as conduits for siphoning public funds and even when a company is opened it survives for aslong as the executives have access to state house