Don’t blame me for what i became

How i was taught nikiwa boiz young… so don’t blame me ni vile nili grow kujua

In short unatombanga mbuzi

Ehh na watu kama wewe

Pole am not ga*

Admin will allow bestiality but won’t allow people to call themselves jesus



I can still nail it in ata kama you are no gay… provided uko na kahole… so are you a virgin behind there?


You cannot blame other people for how you turned out to be in your life. We have a freedom of choice when we are growing up to choose whatever it is that we want so there are no excuses there. You are just messesd up for doing that. Why is that hawa watoto wa reknowned pastors huwa wana turn out kuwa ma drug addicts. Can you blame their parents for making them drug addicts cause i am prettuy sure that it was not the parents that taught them how to do that. I hope my message is clear to you cause i am judging you for not judging youself. Life is exactly what you take it to be, there is no one that determines how it will turn out for you. You have control of your life.

Yea keep judging