Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When God wants to move his child from one level to another, he is like pushing him backwards so as to take him up to another level … Nature also teaches us, so that the Arrow to move more farther, it must be pulled back from the bow as hard as possible, it will go a little farther rather than if it would drawn a so softly, the same applies to spear, or catapult. So that everything to get that far, must be pushed back a bit. The harder you pull the further it goes.

After God saw Job’s perfection, how he fears him and refrains from evil … he saw that he deserved to be blessed twice more … and when it came time to bless him, he first brought him down and take away all he had…and he became like an arrow that has drawn backward ready to be released, And, we see later when Job was released he came to get things twice.

When God saw Daniel’s faithfulness in his Persian stewardship, he was placed in a position that he was very faithful, he never received bribes or give bribes … when it came time to elevate him, he had to be brought down first to the lowest level, to a point where he was taken to the lions’ den to be killed … it was like a bow that was pulled back, before it is released. And after the trials He became greater than all rulers of persia (Daniel 6:28).

When God saw Mordecai’s loyalty in the king’s gate as honest, that he is not corrupt, and in his place he was neither a hypocrite nor an evil-minded person with the king, his kind heart was perfect and when he wanted to lift him up … Mordecai had to be pulled down first, for we find that he was prepared for execution when his great enemy went and carved a tall pole 50 cubits high, to hang Mordecai with the king’s permission.

But God saved Mordecai and exalted him to the highest rank of Persian commanders. From the guard of King’s gate to the commander of the army … But he had to first be brought down to near death.

And there are many examples in the Bible where before the Lord lifts a person up from one level to the other…he is bringing him down first the lower position so as to go higher.

So don’t be a when you find out you have lost something that is important in your life, maybe a job or a property because of the rights you do … If you lose all you have or even you are at risk of losing even your Life, or your honor then know that the Lord loves you and he is about to lift you up. From your current position… at such step you are now do not give up, just trust the Lord, because he has seen your right and so wants to take you higher as he did to Daniel and Mordecai. But the method he will rise you is the same one he used for his servants in the Bible.

If you find yourself tied to a case that is fraudulent or unfair, if you feel bankrupt because you do not engage in smuggling and you have rejected illegal businesses … it should not bother you at all, you are in the period of being pulled down. Only trust God!

If at first your things were going well … but all of a sudden things turn upside down … you start create so many enemies because of your rightousness, such a point when you reach out do not hate anyone but know that you are to be promoted very soon. That is what God does when he wants to move his child from one level to another.

But if you lost everything because you were a prostitute, or because you were caught taking a bribe, or a corruption or because of something bad or imprisoned or bankrupt … Lord has chasten you to repent … he has done that to you so as to stop your theft, stop your fornication, stop your bribes, stop all evil things you do and turn to Him with all your heart and with all your soul. And after that, he will do the rest for you. But unless you repent, nothing will happen to benefit you. Because God did not bring you down to bring you up, like job…but he chastened you to fully repent!

But if you fear the Lord, and serve him, and honor him, and you are truly separated from the world, and suddenly those trials came, you must rejoice rather that becoming sad, because it is the time for you to be lifted up.

The Lord bless you.

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