Dominate a woman

As a man, what’s is the easiest way to make your gf/wife submit and respect you as the husband

Divorce her

Have principles… and consequences for breaking those principles… Everything else must submit to those principles or it’s the highway…

If you don’t feel respected on day one, you will never be respected until Kingdom come in that relationship…

Finally, respect yourself, and respect from others will come naturally… Treat others as you would have them treat you…

Some advises…:D:D

Have lots of money and subtly let her know that it’s a favour to be with you.

Fuck her brains out…and immediately after block/ignore her for sometime…mdau hapa mkipatana tena , she will sweep the highway for you

Get a second wife

Such a faggot advice.

many things you can do but if she decides she is not respecting you ata kwa dawa nothing you can do.

look at this life,we automatically assume some respect for people ‘higher’ than us…kama ni gari,you respect the guy with the better machine than yours,you respect the guy with more brains than you,you respect the guy with more money than you.the guy with more confidence and courage…so have everything more than her

Never ever make her feel like you need her, naah make her feel like she needs you. I achieve this by treating her like a princess, once she’s in the relationship and telling me that she loves me ao much, then I switch to the old school no nonsense husband/boyfriend. Like I totally don’t tolerate any nonsense and if she misbehaves, I go silent on her till she begs to have me. Of course she’ll eventually grow tired but you’ll be assured your respect is there forever.

This is exactly what I apply!!
100% effective


Ur advice revolves around ignoring use of protection on ur escapendes, jamaa utakufa na ukimwi even wife condomise Kama ni watoto mwangia yeye cum from condom ghassia

Let her know you can live without her comfortably and happily. (Once she threatens to leave take the offer without thinking twice.She will come back respecting you.)

Satisfy her sexually. Make sure unafikisha threshold.

The only way to win that game is by not playing it at all.

Haha clueless simps discussing how to control bitchez. Guys let me tell you this, as long as you are in a long term relationship/ marriage/ Entanglement with a woman forget about dominating her. They always will have the upper hand in the relationship and you’ll always loose out. Women now are wild and untamed and can do watever they please, because there is no culture or tradition to pin them down therefore no obligation to adhere to any. Thats why they eat fare without consequences, or divorce your ass even after being in relation for 25 yrs. True alpha males avoid long term relationships with women like plaque because that means control.

its a thermo-nuclear war.


Women submit to their men if they are being led somewhere worthwhile.

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