Domestic Work in Saudi - RESIST

This is sad

Waarabu walienda kutafuta ma-nyoka kwa oasis ndio watese slave nazo?

"Saudi Arabia is well known for its abundance of desert and coastal snakes, such as puff adders and carpet vipers. The country is home to more than 100 lizard species and over 50 species of snakes. "

The Arabian baller kuja uone tabia ya the race you like

But thank God European are ditching petroleum and diesel cars by 2030 . Their commodities will be obsolete no one Will be using them.

Boss, this is a very naive comment. So you think Saudi Arabia is just one big desert full of tents and Oases?

According to Mohamed, the devil is black and looked like one of his slaves.
Let’s stop being surprised

But allahuakbar

How is this related to snake eating?

These sandniggers are going to get what is coming for them sooner rather than later when their oil is done. Uncle Sam will turn on them and someone is going to fly a plane into Mecca.

You sir, miss my point. Isn’t it just fantastic that someone would go to the trouble of hunting for snakes just for torturing another human?

You story Be. @gashwin iko na flavour.

Mimi huona Mwarabu naskia blood pressure. God bless Kenyans who build Kenya with money made from being employed by Arabs

come on snakes are a rich source of protein