Dome of the rock demolition

With the way things are, the rapture of the church is very near. Infact someone said that this are the last minutes.Its only wise that we turn away from sin and repent. God is good considering that He warns people before something happens. Praise the Lord

Matthew 24:31-32
And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. 32 Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near. 33So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door.…

Isreal is tender now

During the Yom Kippur war Israel should have flattened Al Aqsa


Jesus did not preach hatred. Whenever you think you have understood Him and yet you find your human frailties standing in the way. Always remember the story of the Good Samaritan. No follower of Jesus is allowed to hate. Father forgive them. For they know not what they do. If you hate you deny your fellow human mercy. If you deny your fellow human mercy how can you expect The Eternal Father to grant you Mercy? And without Mercy what hope do you have sinful man? Do not hate anyone. Love everyone. Even those whom you think persecute you. Else what is the difference with you and the pagans?

Just thought i should let you all know

Israel is modern day Babylon

It will be destroyed

What is your understanding of The Rapture?

I have a different point of view. The whole world is Babylon.

This is a very warped understanding of the Bible. Is all I can say. After Jesus came it no longer matters what the Jews do. Special as they are they are trapped in their unbelief. But the Plan of Salvation continues. I think Temple sacrifices have stopped because Christians are not going to Church. Elevate your thinking seek wisdom. Else the coming events will really confuse you.

AntiChrist will descend from where exactly? The antichrist is a man who is already amongst us. His hour is at hand. See how all governments have done 1 consistent thing …all Religious services have been stopped. Especially Easter. And this was globally. And now even Muslims and Ramadhan. The war is against prayer. Hotels and bars can open but not churches . Covid is spread in Churches but not in a matatu/supermarket. …Open your eyes. The final persecution is underway.

This where I see issues being mixed up, what purpose would God have in a temple that sacrifices animals when he saved us from that act 2k yrs ago. Then what is the use of the israel as nation of chosen people when we all become chosen by faith. Israel of today is it not any believer in christ. It is the same confusion with the prosperity gospel where we are promised salvation and blessing by our contributions to the church.

The effing Muslims will do nothing. I support uwesmakende. This Moslem chieth should come down!

They are not chieth. You were not born where you were by your actions. And neither were they. I have sheep who are not of this flock. They hear my voice and follow me. It is not all who call Me Lord who will enter the Kingdom…never judge…never condemn…that one you call Chieth is redeemed by the same sacrifice of Jesus that redeems you. If you are truly His follower then hauezi sema hivo umesema.

ill tell you this
am sure i ain’t babylon

You may not be. But you live there. We all do. Usijali Lot lived in Sodom and he was spared. Be in this world not of this world and utakua Sawa.

so if the whole world is Babylon , does that means the whole world will be destroyed ?

Define destruction. We are soon headed back to the stone age. And yes post WW3 very many of us will not be here…and the increasing pandemics…and phenomenal earth movements and volcanoes will also take their toll. Mystics have seen upto 75% of us not making it. Others say 66% but the point is…I am sure umeshika. But so long as there are a few good people then Mercy will ensure that humanity is not eradicated. For the sake of even 2. The world will not obliterated. Hope that clears that up

Its written in the bible Babylon will be destroyed, destruction means total annihilation , nothing survives

Mercy always finds a way to stay the Hand of Justice. Theologians have actually observed that Mercy is the greatest attribute of God. The destruction of Babylon is different from the elimination of humans. Babylon represents an idolatrous life. Abominable in His Sight. So the structures of that system will be destroyed. The adherents too. But there are always the few who hear His Voice and follow Him. They shall be spared. In a vision to a French mystic at the turn of the 20th Century…Paris was obliterated by what was described as the wrath of God. Only 12 or so folk remained. By all accounts this qualifies as destruction. From 2million to 12? Can 12 rebuild Paris? Sodom was destroyed but Lot survived. So Babylon shall be destroyed but “Lots” will survive.

do you believe you will be spared ?

If you read the Bible clearly and listen to the mystics since then…the calamities will be such that the living will envy the dead. The living will look for death but death will elude them. Life and death is beyond me. Good and bad will perish. All I can do is style up. Be better. If HE decides it’s my time there is nothing I can do. In any case. Death is a transition. On the other side there is still alot to do and learn. We are spirit that never dies. We can never cease to exist.