Dome of the rock demolition

Its high time this sacrilegious building was demolished and the previous occupant the third Jewish temple was built.

According to sources by 2022 it was will be down from the temple mount.

Unasema nini wewe kijana?

Hehehe 3rd holiest muslim shrine. Kama unataka vita nao bomoa uone

Man is in the 21st Century, living in a world over 4 billion years old, in a universe over 13 billion years old. They are fighting over ‘holy’ buildings that house god, over ‘holy’ and ‘promised’ lands of their gods.
If religion makes you despise/leads to suffering of fellow men, you need to rethink.

Pray that you don’t see Solomon’s Temple being rebuilt because it means you missed the rapture.

Daniel’s 70th week that has been on pause since the time of Jesus’s death (“the sacrifice that was cut off”) will commence once the fullness of the Gentile church is complete.

Solomons temple will be rebuilt by 2022

Hii Ni scholars thread my fwen

There is nothing the Arabs/Muslims will do, they have tried fighting Israel twice and failed.

We can’t have infidels/ kaffirs mosque on the land where Jesus was born, specifically on the location where King Solomons temple was demolished.

kweli kabisa shemeji,

Everything is in place for it. It may not happen this year because of covid, but very soon.

What evidence do we have for this claim?
Israel has been restored back to their homeland.

There’s ongoing, escalating conflict between Israel and the Arab world.

Israel has a great desire to rebuild this prophetic Temple. (Today, many of the preparations for the Third Temple already been completed, including the sacred worship vessels and priestly garments to be worn by the Levites in Temple services)

What’s still to come? The Antichrist world leader who’s a descendant of Rome must be revealed and of course, the dome of the Rock will pave way for this Temple.

Trump being the most proisrael president , this is one of his secret agreement with evangelical leaders

Say what?

That will be a wonderful thing. It’s believed that right after this mosque is destroyed or just before this event, the church will be raptured.
Because after that, the antichrist and false prophet will descend quickly and make a treaty with Israel helping her to rebuild this temple. Moses and Elijah will appear in Jerusalem and start preaching to the Jews about Jesus. However, right in the middle of this 70th week, this treaty will be broken. The Temple sacrifices will stop and the antichrist will make an abominable image in his likeness and proclaim himself as God.

Rule of thermodynamics - Entropy…(every warm body will turn cold, including stars and people)

Black men talking with confidence about the religious beliefs of semites? That’s why they enslaved you stupid negroes.

Ata israel hauiwezi Guza al_aqsa mosque Pele Jerusalem…

If people cannot love their world, environment and fellow men then they don’t deserve the ‘favorable afterlife’
Be you a believer in christ, the mountain, buddha, krishna, the lake, a bush or even a mountain of ugali. This is the only base for humanity.
If religion is fanning your hate for other men, then cut it off. You’re in the wrong place.

Funny I see people professing a belief yet hate other men since they don’t believe in what they believe in.
Not even an alleged rapture, ‘son of Rome’, modern ‘Moses, Noah’ or even Beelzebub can save a person that doesn’t live in Love.

Spirituality is better than being religious, the religious think that their way is the only way, ‘Us versus them’ the spiritual let each pursue their own way, believe in what they want to believe, so long as you treat others as you would like them to treat you.
On the afterlife, what’s that? When you are dead, you’re dead, there is no afterlife, we will go where our ancestors went. I wouldn’t like to go to where Peter and Mohamed are.

Religions, especially this judeochristian/islamic thoughts have ruined what was supposed to be simple.
To think people have fought wars over the same makes me wonder whether man is progressing or slowly going mad.