I have some dollars in a dollar account and i would like to withdraw them in cash. Do we have ATMs that dispense in dollars, within Nairobi?
If so, where?
Or should i just withdraw over the counter?
Which alternative would be cheaper, for equity bank?

Where would i exchange dollars at higher rates?

(I heard there are better rates pale Eastleigh)
Kindly assist

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With the way this clueless gava has shafted Kenya’s economy…kama ulizi deposit one year before rates zote leo zina ku favour

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Unless you are stuck financially, why change to kshs? Everyone is looking for the greenbuck banae

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Hizi ni chemichemi za urongo

There is a UN bank in Gigiri minting dollars… But that is connected to the UN bank in the US. You can go there and try it


You will be charged the usual withdrawal fees if it is over the counter. I am not sure about availability of an ATM dispensing dollars.

For best rates, go negotiate at a somali forex bureau, either in town(around kenyatta avenue, standard strt, wabera strt, kimathi strt regions-I recommend Satellite) or Eastleigh(kuna black market pale Garissa lodge ya foreign currency na jewels)…

Tulia next year dollar itakuwa 250 Kenya chirrings.

Banks will not give a good exchange, withdraw in dollars pelekea woria eastleigh ama bureau

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