Dollar under sieke.

Russia has ditched the dollaree. It wealth fund saa hii wanatumia euro na gold. It slashed the dollar reserve.
India Pia hao wameamua to do away with the Benji.
Chinese nao their digital yuan iko in testing. Once wamedo away with dollar. Inflation will creep in since America will not be exporting their overrated piece of paper.
Iran Pia hao hawatumi hizo karatasi. If OPEC ditches it. America will lose their leverage on unilateral sanction.
Penda saaaaaaaana.

Watu wawache upus. I’m not ready to go back to Vumbistan. God Bless America

I have never seen ‘‘made in USA’’ since I was born.

Chinese dont want the dollar to go down for now because they have over a trillion dollar worth US bonds, Japan is even worse.

Fuack that…Time for Murica to export democracy. Don’t trust the chinkus and Russia is another vumbistan with nukes.

People have affinity to the dollar,it’ll take a long time to wean out of it if the crypto doesnt take over. Nikiwa primo nilikua na 5 dollar bill nilipewa na mzae,nilikua nafungua my velcro wallet najiskia kama mswati… It was like 200bob that time but the thought of having dollars counted

Uko 75yrs old you old fossil minimum

Shut up!

Makujoto wamesema infleshen ni kitu tamu msiwe na wow wow


Me I love the US. Sihami!

Peleka utoto yako tik tok kwa sasa

It will take a while before the dollar is replaced

[SIZE=5]It’s currently 7:50 PM here in Ocho Rios. It should be 3:50 AM over there in Kenya.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Glad to see distinguished ladies & gentlemen back home discussing constructive matters at this hour. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Juzi nilipata nyang’au ziki-discuss very useless topics I almost flew back just to slap some sense into their heads.[/SIZE]

Chinese banks are always looking for places to invest their huge reserves. One of the safest places, is US bonds. Chances of US defaulting on a debt are almost nil. Iran is a small economy in the scale of things. OPEC is run by Saudi Arabia, who is a US ally.
Russia ditched the dollar because Biden imposed sanctions on them.
Digital currencies are the future. Its coming.

post the gdp and ppp of russia here, you foolish filthy jaluo orangutan

ktalk finance gurus am closely following your advice


Export to where @Sokwe mtu Russia wako ngangari. Watafinya uncle Sam. They thought waki incite Ukrainians against ruskie. Saa hii Ukraine iko divided into east and west. Next ni referendum hio side iko allied to Russia wa join federation of Russia.

Dollar haiwezi kufa. If you go somewhere like Dubai you’d think dollar ndio local currency badala ya dirham. Tourists wanatambua dollar peke yake.

Just like Rome fell, that country will fall too. Wamezoea watu sana na sanctions.

God Bless abundantly these United States. The land that we love. Including Vumbistan. :D:D:D

Wenye walinyimwa visa, kuanza na huyo Panya hapo juu… priss…ama wacha tu…:D:D:D