Dogs of War: The War Business - Executive Outcomes

@imei2012 and other KDF D- materials, hawa mercenaries hulipwa aje?? I heard being a dog of war is a high risk high reward job. Kuna company kama Executive Outcomes huku Kenya?

A lot of young guys from the ghetto could be hired by such private military companies to go and fight Boko Haram etc.

They mostly recruit former officers because of the high discipline required. Vijana wa ghetto watakunywa pombe na warape waarabu huko syria wasahahu walienda huko kufanya nni

Honestly no idea… My ex friends signed for those middle east gigs but broker in nai is eating twice in an air conditioned office while you toil away in dry dusty iraq

They hire ex military personnel. And they are very stringent. But there is a reason why. The places they send you are no joke. Only people with professional military training can withstand an ambush attack from armed militia without flinching. Vijana ya mtaa will hide underneath vehicles. And lazima you repel an attack while at your duties. It’s guaranteed.
If someone is born and stays at the ghetto into his adulthood, let him stay there. You can’t help him.

Si wangekataa kwenda

enda Uganda… wanatafuta war veterans na former LRA

War is good business, broker unadeal na yeye bahaden