In the times that i have been into a female, i really dont like doggy. Most often, women think that all men love doggy.

Well, i dont.

Its too tiresome, and the chimney of sexual scents flows straight to the man’s nostrils.

I reminisce of this when while on kilimani mums, i fell upon this post:



What!!doggy is just too general…plus what do you do if she is ugly na switch iko mbali?!!

Kila mtu akule kwao. Wariah hawajui Ku hamisha hamisha

No man enjoys dog style it’s too much work and I agree,even the cleanest woman’s ass stinks in the execution of the above stated position.
But we do it out of Love.
Nobody said sex is clean and fresh smelling!..

You do it because women get Maximum penetration and they Love deep maximum penetration. (Even the innocent looking ones)

take a screenshot of comments tuone maoni yao

Nipe like kwanza

sasa leta comments @Bingwa Scrotum

i like number 4

You are just a fat lazy slob





[ATTACH=full]59044[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]59045[/ATTACH]

uko na handles hadi KMNU hehe

I had 3.

Nimechujwa mbili now left with 1

kuna dem hapo namjua she is pretending but shes nasty

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Toboa, yupi?

nitajianika in the process