Dog shows off CPR skills

[SIZE=7]Poncho the police dog shows off CPR skills[/SIZE]

Poncho the police dog is a hero for the internet. In a practice demonstration, Poncho’s officer falls down, giving the trained pup an opportunity to spring into action.

The video of this precious police dog has millions of views across social media, and we understand why: the dog runs in, nudges the officer, and then jumps up and down on his partner’s chest and puts his head down to see if the officer is breathing.

Poncho goes through his routine several times before the officer gets up. The audience roars with applause and cheers. Poncho’s partner rewards his canine friend for a job well done and for “saving” his life.

Although Poncho is very enthusiastic about his job, his performance is “just a stunt”, police spokesman Fernando Rodriguez told Euronews.

“Poncho was trained to do this number for school visits, he doesn’t actually know how to perform CPR," said Rodriguez. “In fact, there’s no dog in the world who’s trained to do that.”

In the Twitter video post shared by Madrid Police, they describe the actions of Poncho with a quote from humorist and writer Josh Billings:

“The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than he loves himself.”

You are always amused by your small penis.