Does your wife know...

… that your visit to the barber shop get erotic and kinky for every trip?

Shagzmondoz like myself started na makasi, my mom would shave us using a pair of scissors, it was painfully unpleasant plus it would leave funny looking designs in your head… several years down the line we were introduced to “Kinyozi wa stima” HA! it was 10 bob… then 15, then 20. Ilikaa hapo 20 bob for so long!

Fast forward to modern times! Kinyozi ni kama disco siku hizi… the lights, the cossy seats and a lot of doidoz added!

So I thought it can’t get crazier that this… but I was introduced to a new one in my hood! They got 3 pretty mamaz! They have another compatment call “styling room”!

Unapelekwa pale ndani… they undo 3 buttons of your shirt, wanakukanda kanda and do other things that borders on sexual harassment! :p:p !! I came out with a boner of the year! !

I really believe wamama wakajua what modern kinyozis are doing, wata piga marufuku na kununua makasi turudishwe kunyolewa zile za mama zetu!!


:D:Dhaukupewa extras

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Where exactly is this Kinyozi?Asking for a friend.


Sisi tulikuwa tunanyolewa Na Mzee, Na a certain machine that was a comb and a shaving machine. Katili akikunyoa hakuna kutingika.


Undisclosed lokeshen Naks!!

Ulikua ukitinhika unakula bare moto sana :D:D


With this trend, tunafika hapo soon! :rolleyes:o_O

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hio kinyozi iko mtaa gani.kuna beste anaulizia:D

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Wueh!!! Kulikuwa kubaya Bana, father son relationship ilikuwa ni vita ama akigrunt in approval, usiseme ukinoa, halafu the way the kijamaa kulikuwa gentle to the girl named after his mother and elder sister.

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kunyolewa Kinyozi ilikuwa tu ukikuwa top 5

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Hizo kinyozi za >1000 bob, kwani mtu hupakwa jameson instead of spirit after kunyolewa?


siwezi ingia kwa kinyozi ya past 50


Like past 50yr olds or 50 bob?


Acha kuwa mgumu kimjamaa

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Mi hunyolewa kwa jamaa anaitwa kinuthia. Old school, great service , great shave… lakini analipisha experience…


I was massaged with another chuma like for beating eggs kwa kichwa…
Let’s just say underwear is very absorbent.


They all shave the same so why pay 500 for a cut? Or what value does massage from a lady add to your hair cut?

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Ukipanda sana 100

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siku hizi kinyozi, after being shaved by a guy unapelekwa kwa kiti ingine ya kuoshwa kichwa with a beautiful lady who then cleans yr head with soft warm running water then to another sit by same lady, she starts with pouring aftershave oil on yr head and rubs u softly and thereafter massages u gently with massage oil mpaka unasikia kudose off before completing with nake rubs and twisting those neck muscles and down yr spine carressing the muscles and arm stretches


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