does this signify hope for Africa?

Maybe if we invest more in skills and talent development. We could start seeing major industries emerging here. This video shows there is some hope. Our govt decided to neglect industry but in China govt invests billion of dollars in state industries to support manufacturing.

That ain’t a car, ni peng aka nduthi aka motopsycho

WTF is this?

Did the term “innovation” lose its meaning?

Ha ha …its a small step…at least shows there are some skills development

A reflection of the education shytstem in Kenya

:D:D:D That’s a designer supercar?

Iyo ni bugzy. Waipeleke chaka ranch watu waoffroad nayo

The only thing kenyan hapo ni mediocricy and the 2 idiots of course!! Reinventing the wheel is absolute hogwash!!
Tungeanza na assembly Kwanza, skills ifike ground …etc

Nyinyi wote mna-hate hapa ni nini mmetengeneza kusaidia village yenu?
Instead of constructive criticism like “change hii ikae hivi” or, “modify the look/type of engine”, or “use these wheels”…it is just spewing bile at young people trying to change their lives and that of their community.

Yes, it’s not new to you. But it is to them and their community. An innovation isn’t necessarily a new thing, but a different way of doing things.

Nyinyi ndio wale mnashinda mkisema ati “youth are lazy and good for nothing”, yet when a small percentage of them decide to do something and build their own skills while improving lives in their community, you hate.

Shame on you.

When you are served food that tastes like shit, do you need to be a Michelin star chef to say it’s shit? No. Why? Because anyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows good food from bad food.

But you can’t say anything negative about a shitbox car unless you’re an engineer with Mercedes Benz or something?

Eat mboro.

In all my areas of profession I excel and to be sincere even if I started from a low,it is not such a low.
Help the guy by telling him all he is doing is shoddy work ndio ajue vile ata improve.

Ad hominem attacks are the preserve of the intellectually deficient.

They should make a full tuktuk …ya kubeba mizigo… tuktuk pickup ?

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Kudos to the young lads, given their resources that is creative

Mtoto wako akikupigia viatu rangi vibaya, do you tell them “hii ni kazi mbaya”
Or do you tell them “hii kazi ni mbaya, rudia na ufanye hivi instead”?

kelele yanini…they get a B for putting things together and making them work.I have seen men and women with good grades and papers and they cant achieve such.

The next step now is to inject some sense,safety and knowledge in that thing.They should target a specific market.

Why we hate these guys yet they trying? There is a learning to everything. I wish you saw Twiters interface at around 2006, you have discouraged jack. But look now. We must start from somewhere

Am I saying anything from what you have said.Ama nikuelewa hauelewi.