Does the DP have the country's interest at heart?

Several pointers.

  1. He is not a reconciler. Once he holds a grudge, he holds it permanently.
  2. It’s his way or the highway. You cannot dare question his authority otherwise his soldiers watakufinya.
  3. His businesses as well as his business associates are always questionable.
  4. He doesn’t believe in apologies. Sometimes human is to error and if messes up, it’s just good to offer a form of apology.
  5. He is very emotional. Easily irritated and quick to defend the indefensible…remember Arror?
    Well I usually hold a meeting with myself and ask these questions. I have to coz five years ago I failed to reason with myself and voted for a Chokosh as governor.

Does he???

Does your alternative have the country’s interest at heart either.
Hii mambo ya kettle calling pot black inafaa kuisha

Which alternative? Sijaongea mambo ya alternative kimbelembele wewe.

Nani hajui unaegemea upande gani.Mzee wewe

He is moments away from saying Raira… some people were born stupid

Not as stupid as you maafaka

Do something for yourself, make yourself useful

Stick to the topic at hand mdau. Don’t shit here.

Eehhh like crying out to other men to be given tenders,fortunately I still have some pride left in me

Start another thread,hapa kuna mtu anataka tupimane ujinga

Fungueni yenyu huko kwa sex and relationship sekshen.
Hapa ni siasa Kali.

Parasitic Owners of Capital fear a man with such qualities.

Uko na utoto, hatuwezi pimana kitu

Raila is ripe for kenyan presidency. Saa hii nakufa na morio wa odinga.[ATTACH=full]379878[/ATTACH]

Juu nimekwambia unaomba tenders by force,ukinyimwa unalilia the entire world.
Nani ako na umama.
Nani tumeona aki worship mwanaume mwenzake.

Toa maneno ya tender kwa hii conversation tafadhali

I can never vote for Ruto. Never! Am not going to vote for a convicted thief.

mimi i have always wanted to know makosa ya baba ni nini? but ave grown up hearing baba ni mmbaya no one ever explains alitukosea wapi , kindly kikuyu elders enlighten me , .

I’d like to know too

How? Why should somebody who has looted this government for ages have the interest of the citizens. Ruto wants the presidential seat to protect his loot. Nothing else. And he will continue looting more and hiding evidence (killing any person who questions him). This guy is a ruthless thug. Alifunza ata Ohuru wizi