Does President Uhuru want to extend his term through BBI?

Does President Uhuru want to extend his term through BBI?

That tweet smells and reeks of pure paranoia.
Uhunye will go home next year.

Kikuyu Chief Justice, what I’m i missing ?

Fred Ngatia

He should try. That would be the easiest path to his downfall.

The drunkard fool should dare it so that we can reset this country to default mode. We will not let the Muthamaki extend even a single day in that office.

Seems like he’s testing our timidity with lockdown and curfew. I’d really want him to dare.

Indeed everything has a boiling point and he has really pushed us towards there. It will be a tragedy.

I thought the court threw spanners in the whole nomination process

It can now be clearly seen how this group has been misusing kikuyu community for their own benefits, they are really worried of their exit in power. No wonder they are increasing the number of constituencies to have a sizeable gang of mps who can fight for their interest. But I do not think their plans will succeed since the people who have suffered most from his mismanagement are the kikuyus, even if they manage to pass BBI anybody he will support will automatically be rejected.

Interesting point.

Says who? already his agents like akina Njeri Thorne are busy trying to spread the gospel of term extensions due to COVID-19. Plus the spate of project launches are a semi-convenient excuse for “not going home because of the unfinished work I have left”.

Expect massive rigging in BBI.

let them rig, whoever digs a pit for his brother he will end up falling into it himself

Kanguruwe term yake ikiisha aende akanyonyee mamake.

Amalize aende

Some people have never appreciated we have a new constitution,they miss kanu days.

Unless we are in a state of emergency,where parliament is allowed to extend the term for a year, nothing is there Uhuru to use to extend his term.

Read that constitution and the old one for yourself and you will see that nothing meaningful was actually changed.

Instead of actually reducing presidential powers they introduced parliamentary confirmation for everything. Uhuru simply buys that approval

How do you know he doesn’t do that