Does Ordinary Bonobo Care If Device Has Mediatek, Qualcomm Or Unisoc CPU. Screen Res 720p Or 1080p?

Ohh sijui hiyo phone iko chini sana screen sio 1080p by 1920p. Ohh ni Mediatek Hellio 67 Series.


Naonanga Bonobo innatumia Tecno ya 2013 such as Tecno M5 running on Android 4.4.4 na ram ya 256M nashindwa are we blecks living in the same time period with the rest of the world ama in Africa tuko bado 2014?


When will we stop importing such garbage?

For someoen who uses phones for making calls, text and whatsapp, why should they care Ndindu the bonobo?


We are ahead of 90% of the world. Apana sumbua. Puundah

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I used to use only high-end phones back in the day then realized that I don’t actually need a phone costing 70k and only end up utilizing less than 10% of it’s capabilities. These days, if it’s more than 20-25k it’s not for me. Most people don’t need that much of computing powers that they currently have.


Omubonobo omudindu uses the latest technology like iPhone 15 but anaswing from tree to tree when it comes to movement
swinging nat geo GIF by National Geographic Channel

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Same. Bora iko 4/128 mem. Na camera ni 13 selfie na 50 back. Na screen iwe gorilla sijui 3, tosha. And I can easily change every year and bless my young tu cazo’s

True. Depends on personal preference and daily use.
These days people are into vlogging and content creation and some of the ideas come at the spur of the moment so hana DSLR or mirrorless camera but you always have your phone in the pocket and if it has decent cameras then you are sorted.
Also hardware that is being developed makes cheaper phones have decent processing power.
AI and computational photography used by these phone manufacturers makes having old phones almost obsolete because you are limited in what you do.
I was using a friend’s phone a neon ray na karibu nichizi due to the lag. I have a pock x3 pro, armed with snapdragon 860. Dates by today’s standards but no lag. It was 30k at the time.
You always have a trade off with cheap midrange devices. You can get decent processing power but mediocre camera. Or have decent-ish camera quality but no image stabilization.
My motto these days is not overpay so go for a slightly older flagship.
Samsung S21ultra is an excellent device but is 2 years old. You would not miss much from s23 ultra for example

128 gb ni kidogo kwangu. 256gb is my bare minimum. I didn’t mind 128 when you could get memcard support but siku hizi memcard support is for lower level devices

Kuna hii Xiaomi 13T pro imetokea. Has dual sim and esim connection at same time. Wondering whether that means you can have 3 sims at the same time.
That was very interesting