Does it work

I dont have any business trainning but I’ve been in the import business for quite some time now 5months to be precise dealing electronics… truth be told I’ve no regrets or whatsoever but I’m really confused because the guy who introduced me is still employed.

I dropped my job 6 months ago and I’ve been requested severally by close friends to come work with them,but i can’t because my retail customer base keeps growing everyday,
OK I see myself growing in this business but my questions…

Anyone in this business?what drives you?
When do you start looking for investors and how?
what are the pros and cons?

niaje roto aviator?


ask village smuggler @incognitus

This thread doesn’t make sense. WE should be asking YOU not the other way round.

you’ve been in the biz. …wha the ferk are you asking??,

Village elder kindly scrapoff the title:(


am always interested in the importation business but am always stuck on matters shipping and clearing who does the clearing for you .?