does it get better with age?

Talkers who’ve hit 40 years, does pulling women become easier with age?

My self-esteem is dangerously low. My whole life I’ve paid for sex. And for men, sex is a need. Does it get better? I’m looking for a chance to revenge. When I get rich I’ll promise these whores marriage. I’ll string them along. Alafu after multiple sex flings and after their collision with the WALL I’ll tell them point blank “I’m not marrying you!” I’ll tell them to go back to the guys they were banging in their early twenties.

I want to do that to hundreds of chics. I want to break their stinky hearts. I want to damage them emotionally.


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maybe you were not destined to die of HIV/AIDS. Buda usiforce. unaeza kua wewe ni among the people watafika 100+. Take it easy na life starts at forty

@sludgist has the intellect of a fish.
kamongo to be specific.

Do not dispair , dear friend …
The fact that you are not in denial means your “condition” is not Chronic …

Paying for Sex has made you lazy and even limited your options of getting Good Pussy …



Non-family weddings , parties and recreational gatherings are wonderful hunting grounds for you to sharpen your skills and fortunes …

Works just fine for me … :D:D:D

Huruma au kusaidiana kwa wanawake hakuna haja not unless you are getting puussy.

You should ask @Azor Ahai . He has been 23 since 2007 pale Klost:D

Banging 40 and 30 year old will get easier as long you are an able man. Hao wanawake they even make it easy for you. But if you’re not uber wealthy you’ll never fuck the hot 20 year olds.

Buda niliandika list refu sana on how to be attractive. Kwanza umeanza gym ama jogging. Umepunguza pombe. If you don’t change 2023 na 2026 utakuwa tu unalia hapa how you can’t pull women


Leta link kiongos
Pahali hapo

Asante kwa picha ya kuanza. Mecho sasa ni safi… naeza rudi kupigia muhindi kazi roho safi.

siwezi follow list kama fala. My job is not to follow instructions like some castrated little dog.

You are personally damaged. Jiombee aki.

:D:D:Dbro ukue livestream hapo Facebook ukifanya killing rampage kwa hostel ya mamanzi

Ungekua Marekani wangekuita incel

The disrespect to the fish.

It has gotten better with age for me, but it took a lot of effort on my part. I’m 30, and the chics I’m banging now are the kind of chics I’d have considered to be out of my league about 5 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties. Do you know how I got here? I took a break from relationships and commitments after my divorce. I started hitting the gym HARD. I’m talking about 2-hour sessions of heavy lifting, 3-5 times a week, for the past two years. Then, I focused on building my business and making more money, I even disappeared from this village for a while. Of course, other factors come into play like your looks, height, charisma, and confidence. I happen to have the looks and height, and working out has given me a massive confidence boost. Right now, I have the luxury of actually choosing the women I want and not having to take anything that falls on my lap, and I choose to go for beautiful petite women between 18-23.

Women in their thirties are more hypergamous than women in their early 20s. Remember most women in their 30s are looking for a man to settle down with after having their fun in their 20s, so, they naturally look for the simp with a lot of resources.

Women in their 40s are either depressed wives, or single wall hitters that are desperately looking for a husband before the wall claims them. The depressed wives are generally looking for fun so they focus on looks, youth, and sexual prowess when looking for a man. The singles are looking for a simp to save them and act as their retirement plan, so money is their primary focus when looking for a man.

Women in their early 20s want to have a good time, maturity, and a man they can show off to their friends. If you’re in shape(huna kitambi kama ya babake), you’re good looking (young women are big on looks), you can make her laugh and show her a good time (you’re not boring, you’re confident nd charismatic), and have some change to spare ( not necessarily wealthy but have some money for a nice night out at a decent club or restaurant, and the occasional road trips), you shouldn’t have any problem getting the young pretty women.