Does Iphone listen to peoples conversation?

I hope am not paranoid, i work in ICU and we where arquing concerning a drug called hydrocortisone. Immediately i turned on Safari i just typed the first word Role… there followed many suggestions on Role of hydrocortisone. Is it a coincidence?

If I may ask what were doing in the ICU apart from arquing concerning a drug called hydrocortisone …

Turning on Safari?

Iphone in ICU works fine.

If you are not trolling, then this is concerning. If you are a medic and you do a lot of drug searches, may be it is just your browser cookie record helping to customize your search results. Invest in a reasonable drg index software. Google is fulla shit.

Arquing or arguing? Were you the patient?

Are you an doctor?

hii ni takitarih ya tenwek pale poooomet…kale-o ya kawaitah

clear ur search history on safari itawacha kukupredictia paranoia iishe.

Yes, there were some complaints some time back concerning that. Users were saying that the microphone is still active picking up words in conversation in real time, enabling it to auto suggest things for you.

Check that out.

Instead of arguing aimlessly at work, take care of the critically ill and dependent patients so that fewer die as you Google.

Once you get back home, take your Osungu.dll apart and reassemble it after a thorough cleaning and oiling.


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Arquing or arguing? Were you the patient?
Arquing… how do you feel[/QUOTE]

Google does listen to conversations. Especially if you have Google voice. Privacy onge

hapana skiza hizi poonder,one of my wives was asking her sister about baby strollers,later on ananiuliza kama niligugu strollers coz anapata advert za strollers kwa site adverts on her phone.mimi nigugu strollers? @Yunomi could be right btw

Did you type this using Iphone? it could have auto-corrected the arquing thing

Perhaps now its a good time to go through that license agreement you hurriedly accepted without reading.

Haha and you are the doctor now