Does Infrastructure matter?

Does military infrastructure matter during war or strategies only. Egypt had the largest and most sophisticated military in Middle East during the 1970s War but Israel managed kuwa nyorosha kama burukenge. And they just had to surrender. So my question is when it comes to war does not mean the best or laheimilitary infrastructure translate to winning a war?

Strategy and inteliigence>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that is why if Kenya goes to War with TZ or Uganda you will be decimated in days hamna Barracks next to TZ/UG border …zote ziko mbali by the time mna mobilize Isiolo/Lanet ama base yoyote ile Maghufuli will have taken Over Mombasa

Do TZ and UG have military Barracks on their boarders ?

How do you know they don’t have

I’ve always wanted to share this but somehow nasahau. Good that you brought this up. Soma hii utaelewa…

Biggest decider whether an army will last on the battle field is the motivation.
If you look at the Israelis losing a war means annihilation. They cease to exist as a country thus they were more motivated than the Arabs.
The average Vietnamese was more motivated than the average American soldier.
As long as any well supplied group of people whether Taliban Vietcong, Shabab or Al Qaeda feels that they are fighting for a just cause, kuwashinda inakuanga ngumu.

Same can be said about countries and development. An underdeveloped china could have meant a repeat of Soviet disintegration in China. I believe that’s what keeps the CCP on its heels. Same can be said of Israel’s techno-military complex.

Winning a war since enzi za Alexander the great comes down to who are your allies. You may have the best in the weapons and solders but more enemies than allies kama hitler meffi.
FYI unajiita @mlipuayote na haujui shiit about wars kwani ni kunyamba pekee unajua?

Eldy na Malaba border is a stone throw away


There are certain specific people who are warlike, no matter which kind of weapons you use against them, it would take ages to completely get them suppressed

Well, Israel’s is a totally different matter. Hao ni Mungu huwapigania. To answer your question, yes, military infrastructure matters alot especially when you can parade it for your enemies to see (and scatter for their dear lives).

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