does god really know everything?

if god knows everything that will happen in future as the bible says, doesn’t that mean that free will doesn’t exist. since god arleady knows who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.??

which God are we talking about ?

He knows that an orphan will sleep hungry in the cold and do nothing about it.

… ain’t it some bull…

Depends on who you ask. Some dudes here will swear by their mothers that the burger exists and is just!


he already knows if you are going to hell… so why bother??

Having the ability to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you do it without control. For example you may have the ability to sing, but you don’t go singing everywhere and all the time. Likewise God has the ability to foresee the future but he is in control of that power thus he probably doesn’t go looking at the future of everything and everyone. Ultimately though your future hope will depend on your actions now not on God’s ability to foresee it, should he choose to.

So in short ,his powers are sheet? Why create then destroy because you sprinkled in a dash of free will and want to see the reaction? Its like watching the titanic re-run,you know th e buggers will die but you hope everytime that that ain’t so.

Sadistical move if you ask me

You are UseLess

Check this[ATTACH=full]325100[/ATTACH]

that is why i strongly feel that religion is the silliest thing that ever happened to humanity,

Nyonga mboo utulie

religion is a scam to enrich some and give false hope to people who are brainwashed to think that there is an all powerful bieng who is watching them

mhh are you offended just because i exposed the illogical arguments of you religous book??

you shouldn’t bother, because religion is a man-made concept that goes against even simple logic! the people who wrote the bible were idiots who didn’t even know when they were contradincting themselves.


Anybody who believes the Bible is low IQ. It’s just a piece of shit

Wankers kama @Pig benis ni followers wa Charles Darwin na Chris Hull.

Effects za kuwatch movies mingi, then you question the existence of God because there’s an orphan who slept hungry.

god the masturbator