Does God really exist??

swali tuu.

It doesn’t matter, and I find that the less you think about it, the more productive you’ll be in life.

wee shindia hapa na maswali za kijinga saa zenye wengine wanalipa deni ya china

nope… the divine old white magician man was created by primitive humans…

mwalim mike ndegwa and prof Benson Saili will answer your questions. watafte

When you find a being asking such questions ,ako na shida . what you should know, kuteseka ni kwa muda

It depends on which God you’re referring to. Some gods exist in the form of statues such as the Greek gods.

Yes, I left him smoking a cigarette at the corner Dubois lane and accra

Don’t worry yourself to death on whether God exist or not. Use the knowledge you got when Adam ate the forbidden fruit from Satan and became intelligent

:D:Duko na ujinga sana midget

midget ni nani? am 131kg of pure muscles


Ever heard of Pascals wager ???

And now some shameless c&p…

The gist of the Wager is that, according to Pascal, one cannot come to the knowledge of God’s existence through reason alone, so the wise thing to do is to live your life as if God does exist because such a life has everything to gain and nothing to lose. If we live as though God exists, and He does indeed exist, we have gained heaven. If He doesn’t exist, we have lost nothing. If, on the other hand, we live as though God does not exist and He really does exist, we have gained hell and punishment and have lost heaven and bliss. If one weighs the options, clearly the rational choice to live as if God exists is the better of the possible choices. Pascal even suggested that some may not, at the time, have the ability to believe in God. In such a case, one should live as if he had faith anyway. Perhaps living as if one had faith may lead one to actually come to faith.


You’re like a bacteria asking what’s beyond the horizon.

Walisema afadhali tuamini yuko alafu tuishie tumkose kuliko tuamini hayuko alafu twende tumpate.

God Exists that i know for sure

Same adage i use with condoms…better have one and get none than get some and you dont have one… .tafakari hayo ya babu:D:D