Does China want to rewrite the BIBLE: Xi Jingping to be included in the Bible!!

China Rewriting Bible to teach Socialism, Buddhism, & Confucianism

Not any more ridiculous than the original.


May be Christians owe China such a debt that their nations are mortgaging their faith to Xi Jingping who thinks his recent super power status has elevated him to some sort of of god

Not new. You can pick any bible you want to read, it is not written on stone. The bible has been rewritten multiple times, mpaka even entire books being thrown out or others being added at various stages. The catholic bible is different from the protestant one.

You remove some bullshit from bullshit and add some bullshit to the bullshit.
What’s the hulabaloo all about?

Good job Xi Jingping.

Kwani ulikula Euro bond…sorry China Bond?
Ndio unaona kisirani haziishi Huawei

No. I’m just against wholesale importation of other peoples gods and agendas.


China has a unique version of their Bible and Quran. In North Korea it is even worse. North Korea created a religion of their own and replaced Jesus with Kim Il Sun. Kim Jong Un and all his descendants are literally worshiped in North korea temples as Gods

mecho ime’ngara