Now that we have a mini weekend, just take a minute or an hour and watch this documentary titled; The Face book Dilemma by PDS.
You will be shocked at how MKZ has had an influence on the world in general, and to your PRIVATE live in particular.

Siko zukerberg

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Good docu!! Ahsante.

Zuckerberg is just another thieving jew who got incredibly lucky. He was contracted by the Winklevoss twins to build them a social media site, an idea he stole to code FB. He then went ahead to screw his own partner Eduardo Saverin out of billions of dollars worth of stock. Recently, Whatsapp founders have left the company, while Instagram co-founders are in the process of leaving because they can’t keep working with the two-faced son of a biscuit. All this proves that if you want to make it in corporate America, you must be a really huge asshole.

You forgot that he sells our private information to the highest bidder