Documentary: The aborigines

Am watching a Documentary named “Men of the fifth planet” by Planet Docs. Its featuring the Aborigines of Australia.
How did these black broad nosed guys end up here in Australia coz they seem to have come from somewhere in ze Congo? They all look alike… And they have mzungus silky hair. They are still hunters and gatherers and they eat anything from Kangaroos to Rock Pyzon.o_O
Who are these people?

Real owners of Australia

They eat people too. They are cannibals. They almost are this CNN reporter who had gone to do a story about them.

Wah. Even eating turtles and its eggs, sting rays and crocs.
I wonder how they got the mzungu hair? Though I suspect there must have been extreme in-breeding over those thousands of years they lived in that strange land alone. They did not need to THINK and evolve technologically coz everything foodish was in abundance…and the weather was just fine…though extremely hot.

They are said to be white people.

But Mimi naona trade routes za Indian osen,mara sultan of Zanzibar etc ni historia ya juzi.people might have been moving from east African coast to India, Asia, Madagascar etc long long long ago

Ati came from the Congo, these people are more related to the dark south Indians than they are to Africans, they have straight hair bana, we could not be more different

This aza Documentary by PBS contradicts your theory…and it involves DNA analysis:

hakuna theory nimecontradict, you said they came from Congo when in actuality, they came from east Africa. Also the current aborigines are not related to current day Africans, maybe ancient Africans.

There once existed Continental Lemuria. The original home of the Tamil. The Oromo of the larger Eastern Africa are said to have come from the India Ocean via the Kenyan coast.


Australia on its own has a unique ecosystem of one million different if not weird native flora and fauna species found nowhere else on earth.Its like evolution forgot about that land. For a good read or video check on the Jarawas of Andaman island,kule punjab.Interesting folks

Dark skin is not equivalent to african. Just like light skin is not equivalent to european. Many peoples who live close to the equator have dark skin due to high levels of melanin to protect from the harsh sun rays. Thus people from africa, south india, sri lanka, bangladesh, papua guinea, australia have dark skin even though they are unrelated. The further you go from the equator, the whiter the people are and thus Scandinavians and eskimos are whitest while peoples of the Mediterranean region such as italians and greeks are brown/“tanned”.

South Indians

Sri lankans



Native philippinos

Papua indonesians

South americans

Greek people

Swedish people

Aki kisomo kidogo ni kibarua. You sound devastated by this “silky hair” business.

Mzungu doesn’t own a patent on straight hair. Straight hair is the norm around the world rather than the exception. From Patagonia to Palawan to Prussia.
There’s no biological rule that says if you have dark skin you also have to have coarse hair or any other feature. You’re so confused about what humans ought to look like you’ve painted yourself into a corner mentally.

Learn to accept human diversity in all it’s varied strains. Always remember race of a cultural category rather than a biological one. Human features are a continuum.

Anatomically modern human is about 300000 years. It’s takes about 50,000 of isolation to develop a distinctive look. People have been moving and mixing for hundreds of thousands of years. We are bound to have groups that look in ways that don’t fit mzungus myopic classification.

Kalahari people have no right to be same color as the Chinese while having the coarsest and shortest growing hair on earth right?

Beautifully done

I like this. It relates to what we were taught in geography, that all the current earth’s landmass was once one, a vast, curved piece of continental land called Gondwanaland, clear of the then one existing ocean. Later, owing to tensions from tectonic forces, faults in this landmass caused pieces to drift away to form what we now call continents, with the sea filling in where the faults were. Some areas sank, others rose into plateaus and mountains as the earth folded, and volcanic action pushed lava through fissures to form craters and volcanic islands in some places. All this is supposed to have happened gradually over millions of years.

They don’t have African DNA. Split before the time of Africans.

Kumbe mlisoma

Anyone with a black skin doesnt mean he is African. Thats a theory put forward by the racist White man. There are dark indians, indonesians even dark chinese. People in the Andamian islands and Papua New Guinea are also black. It doesnt mean they are African. Different weather conditions are responsible for the color of skin of humans. Its a pity that the Aborigines dont have rights and are poorly treated by the White man in their own land.

Nigga read a book. Those guys don’t come from Congo are no way related to Africans. Hiyo ni propaganda ya wasungu…They are Australoids who are related to Dravidians of Southern India, Papua New Guinea, Aetas of Philippines and Indonesia etc… We are not related to them at all.

You’ll be shocked to discover that guys from fiji, samoa, tonga and such islands who look like true africans are more related to asians more than they’re related to africans, infact africans are more related to Europeans more than they’re related to those islanders

aborigines love africans