Documentaries: From Jomo To Uhuru.... The story of 4 presidents

Wacha leo niwe kama Truman Kapondi nijaze server na mafindeos. These documentaries analyze each of the presidents. People who knew them like the technocratic Leakey to the sychophantic Lee Njiru are also interviewed along the way.

Mijinga ii…hizi ungewekea akina @MISCHIEF na wenzake na huko 2035

Mbafff sio lazima uwatch… move on to the next thread man

I as the people has the sovereign right to protect the server against umeffi…
Umbwa ii

Zeeka ngbe hii

Its a sad day for Kenya when one of its own citizens call its history “Umeffi”

any one who can spend even a minute watching these presidents is worth my after-party faeces

Tunajua wewe ni Capote aka Georgina

Hehe… kama ningekua Makena ningepost spiritual videos ama some obscure song from the 70s. Hapa nimepost the 4 devils who have ruled us.

Kibaki was not a devil!

My fren… watch da video.

Kibaki was the best of the devils… but he was still a devil

So the “devil” ended up bieng the best plesdent… Sasa raila akipewa hii kiti ata fanyia nini…

Anyways… Away from the dynasties… TUNA PATIA KIVUTHA KIBWANA…

a good choice but be realistic… hawesmake