Doctors,Nurses and Teachers Abandon Jubilee-Headed to Canaan

Seven trade unions abandon ‘failed Jubilee’, sign deal to back Raila
NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga ,Mombasa governor Hassan Joho with trade unionists led by KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion during signing an MOU at the governor’s office, August 4, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB
Seven trade unions on Friday endorsed Nasa presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga’s bid.
Under the Trade Union Congress, the workers said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government has failed them since 2013.
They are Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kenya University Staff Union, Dock Workers Union, and University Academic Staff Union.
Others include Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union and the Kenya National Union of Nurses.
The groups said they will vote Raila on Tuesday. The Opposition chief is facing off Uhuru of Jubilee Party in a race that has eight contestants.
“Jubilee government has perfected the act of criminalizing every worker in this country. They have taken teachers, doctors, and nurses to court for demanding their rights,” Wilson Sossion, TUC secretary general, said.
Sossion, who is also Knut secretary general, said NASA has taken care of all workers’ interest in the country.
“Doctors were on strike for 100 days. Jubilee did not care. As we are speaking nurses strike is 61 days.”
“As workers of this country, we cannot continue to suffer under Jubilee,” Sossion said.
“We have the numbers and on Tuesday we will vote for NASA.”
However, he failed to say what will happen if Jubilee retains the presidency after the Tuesday vote.
The union official spoke at a press conference hosted at Mombasa governor Hassan Joho’s office. He was flanked by other union officials.
Raila, who was present, said he is confident NASA will form the next government.
He said trade unions signing an agreement with political parties is not something new in the world.
“It has been done somewhere else in the developed countries. Our engagement with trade unions started one year ago,” Raila said.
“We have come a long way. These unions engaged both political divides; NASA and Jubilee, but the latter turned a deaf ear on them.”
“In NASA, we are committed to accommodating them,” he said.
Raila spoke ahead of the final NASA Mombasa rally which will be held at Mama Ngina grounds.

Ati union gani ya walimu ndio ime amua ku support jubilidiot?

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Mungiki Teachers Union from Uthamakistan


Trade Union Congress= Sossion. Nuff said.



what about nurses? Doctors?? uhuru is dead

Sossion is TUC’s Sec Gen and TUC’s membership includes those union so they are in familiar territory. That said, no union leader can force members to vote as he has directed. Wakenya ni wale wale and they will vote according to their roots despite their membership in said unions.

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When you are a member of a union and the leadership says that there is a better deal(Monitary) with a new Government, you vote for that Gvt unless ua head is deeply burried in Muthamakis arse that you dont even want a better payday

Hehe…sossion atajipata peke yake come August 9th. At least the bad seed is exposing itself early on.

Hehehe…only fools whose decision to vote this way or that way is dictated by their trade union.
Voting is a personal decision and we vote candidates who we think can improve our economy. Whether Raila or Uhuru.
In other news, RWNEEEBPORK



Only fools would vote for less Money…Middle class teachers, docs. and nurses only want 1 thing: More Money that is the only decision locus…unless you are a fool


Kura yako Siri yako.

Hata madaktari na nurses wanakumbuka anyang nyongo akiwaambia warudi Kazi ni ama he will sack them

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Atwoli COTU haendi kanaan mwitu

My siz is a teacher na alisema last year that they agreed every teacher to mobilise 5 people to vote jubilee out and so far she has succeeded since our family want her to get more money

There is already a CBA in place, unless you want to say that a NASA government would revoke said CBA and start new negotiations. CBA’s are enforceable under the law and only a fool would revoke a deal already in place and start new negotiations with government that would last years.

Your sister is in the wrong profession given her negotiation skills and ability to sway opinions.

Unions don’t vote ! Only foolish officials would engage in what sossion and others are doing

What does she need more money for na Canaan watu hawatalipa rent? :smiley: