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In my considered view, a njaruo like you @slevyn Otieno, is probably holding at least 4.63kg of flap weight, what do I mean?

You are at that age where you consume at least 2 plates of omena,sukuma wiki and sima. Now you probably don’t exercise much so that weight goes down straight to your foreskin flaps.

And due to gravity as you are going up and down the Kikuyu man’s apartment building where you pay rent every month, your mud flaps tend to sag down to the floor sweeping the stairs as you walk. You probably hang the same foreskin mud flaps from a tree somewhere for your young one to use as a swing, to and fro in the evening. Which can be quite refreshing. In the supermarket, you use the same flaps to carry the paperbags. You also use the same foreskin flaps as a skipping rope. And before you retire to sleep you probably tie down the same flaps to the nyatiti stringed instrument where you play a sweet lullaby for your dearest ones. This means that your foreskin is very busy throughout the day so it has to be at the very least 4.63kg![/SIZE]