Do you want a cool mix bila makelele( 2hours).. Hii nayo imeweza.. No wonder inakaribia 10 million views

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Alicopy dj kenb word for word. I lost respect for him

what do you mean? post Dj KenB’s mix yenye alicopy hapa

Too lazy to do that. Ntaweka kesho… I think unasema hii…Song selection is different but skills the same. Lakini when choosing a perfect mix, I factor in alot of things, MASTERING being the key

Must be that one. Pia angalia ya kenb ya old school rnb na uskize ya tophaz. Same songs different order. After this realization niliwachana na tophaz.

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huyu KenB pia ako sawa… but mastering yake bado…He has the skills

And he knows his music too. That is very important for a dj.

The way I rate him highly