Do you think that erotic movies is kind of guide for us?

How much erotic movies have you watched? Did you like it?What lessons have you taken from it?

hii maswali pelekea senile old goats huko

Are you young yourself?

ndio unioe?silly engui


Heshimu mzito, ghasia takataka ya kiambu

Hey guys, what do you think about porn?? I have a friend, who started to date with girls through social sites. However, at the moment he communicates with people who support this communication only in real life. Since it has the ability, to use the services from the site [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] which offer him a variety of options for offering a relationship. Since then I started to use that service too.

It’s good to drive bajaj. A wank a day keeps prostate cancer away.

It needs to be consumed in small amounts

 marisa hiyo kasia


Kwani ulipika matumbo ikakataa kukuliwo