Do you think another Kenyatta will rule us?

I think we might see another Kenyatta running for higher office soon. Maybe Uhuru will visit Mt Kenya after election and campaign vigorously against Ruto.

Politics is a family business. If you don’t know, now you know.

Expect to see more Kenyattas, Mois, Odingas, Rutos, etc in future. In fact, even the current crop of politicians and bureaucrats are mostly children of former politicians e.g Kenyatta, Raila, Wamalwa, Kilonzo, etc.

By the way, it also works like that even in other professions including professional sports. What are the odds that Steph Curry’s dad was an NBA player? He was.

Children tend to pursue their parent’s professions especially if those professions are high-paying because they have a big edge over other kids.

And why not, people love FAMILIARITY

Yes. At least 70% of everyone who is running for a post today is a descendant of someone who led before. An mp, colonial chief, etc.

Hii nchi ilipeanwa kwa kamau,they own everything ,why are you asking obvious questions?

I doubt, the new generation is wired significantly different from the older.

In the modern environment, it is possible that a Kenyan can emerge that will generate more wealth the country’s entire national budget.

There is a high possibility