Do you think a CS degree is enough in the Kenyan context especially mtu hana connections?

Imo, in Kenya, there are few companies doing “programming” like e.g the USA kwenye iko kila mahali. Solutions are bought and are modified for the use case of the company e.g banks. Maybe there are a few jobs like agencies making websites or zile startups funded from outside investors, Fintech or Safcom, Microsoft e.t.c but naona ni kama lazima ujue watu ama kuwa na connections au kuwa “the best or top tier”.

For example, nikiangalia LinkedIn, former classmates wenye wanafanya programming e.g Full stack, Back-End, Front-End ni either known companies au zile hata hazitokei kwa search ya Google mpaka ujue jina au URL.

However, I think kuna many “IT” jobs e.g Networks, Cloud, Security, Servers, Information Systems etc to support many companies e.g banks, hospitals. Should one just do a cert like AWS , Azure , CCNA e.t.c ndio upate technical knowledge and to affirm you? Which cert do you think is best for the future?

swali huwa…can you make something off it bila kuhitaji employer?? if not, you are just another educated negro in the unemployment line

Where is your passion and what can you do all by yourself without being employed??

If you are talented people will notice.

If you must get employment, make it a passing cloud, make your own cash, dictate your own terms, be the vision bearer, its a more satisfying job than employment slavery esp when it rewards.

That said, Comp Science, Comp tech and IT attract the same jobs in Kenya, do sth extra if employment is your calling. After all, we are diverse with diverse backgrounds.

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