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I read that story about an hour ago. I was about to post it. Kuna time si tulitackle hii kitu? His motivation I’m hoping to God, is/was noble.

But there was a guy here who outed this chap haraka-upesssss! Can’t remember who but alisema hii moto hata kwa mbali usiote.

Kwani what’s up? I was at this place (kwa Mwale) last month, It’s located at a place called Lunza in Butere. Very nice, I was made to understand that its an upcoming million dollar project by a certain mzungu.

God willing nikitembea kakamega nitaenda kuitembelea

Don’t bother… you’ll only get maigoya!

Dude is a known con…hizo cases ako nazo kakamega court hazitaisha

Dead link. I will ctrl+c ctrl+p
Julius Mwale’s long journey and hours waiting at dream city
By Paul Wafula | Published Sun, February 18th 2018 at 09:30, Updated February 18th 2018 at 10:59 GMT +3

Meeting Julius Mwale can be an easy affair, if you are a potential investor. You will be swiftly processed by his handlers with open arms and ushered though the gates to his mansion. But it will be impossible to see him if you are chasing after your cheque, your salary or you are a critical journalist.
Our first attempt to raise Mr Mwale was in December when our team visited Kakamega County. At that time, he was battling allegations of planning to take advantage of a church property in Butere. He requested that we reschedule the meeting for early in the year, preferably on a Sunday afternoon.
After we agreed to this proposal, Mwale volunteered to book a flight from Nairobi for our investigative team to fly down to Kakamega, and see for themselves the city he is building. This request was turned down and instead, our team said they would drive down to Butere on their cost. It was after we turned down the ‘flight offer’ that he started his cat and mouse game with our reporters. After several unanswered calls and text messages trying to get his interview, our team picked last Sunday. When we visited, Mwale was holed up in his house. The security guards directed us to his manager, a Mr Okiya. The manager received us and started processing us to meet his boss. After four hours, Okiya came back and said his boss would not meet us on that day. Instead, he asked us to come back two days later, on Tuesday at 10am, when he will have time for us. We arrived on time and sat at the designated waiting point. We were joined by a number of visitors, some who had come for overdue payment. After two hours, Okiya came back to us and said his boss was having a teleconference with some people in the US and would not see us. We said we were willing to wait, for his call to be over, and offered to wait for the remaining six hours if he could see us. After a few minutes, the manager returned and said we needed first to be cleared by another official in charge of the media. The official was in Nairobi. When we called, he offered to ‘book us into a hotel for another night’ to ‘cool us off before talking to him. But he was categorical that we would not meet Mwale in person. Sunday Standard wanted to know the people funding his project or where the money is coming from. We also wanted to know why he was having trouble paying his suppliers and employees, and his stay in the US. Despite refusing to meet us, he gave two marketing interviews to local television stations to advance his investment dream. Having failed to meet him, the second person was Daniel Knox, the second in command and handles most day-to-day operations at the mall. After introducing ourselves as journalists, Mr Knox who had been arrested by police two days earlier over mounting debt and had until now been busy showing would-be investors around and selling the Mwale dream, pretended to take a call and exited through the back door. Immediately he left, the other white men in the shop disappeared, leaving us with just security officers and shop attendants. He had not returned two hours later, by the time we left.

Where’s the kyuk link in this story? Such stories are not complete without mungikis receiving most of the blame.


Okiya is the manager

@Okiya is the manager, you say?

Mall na gated community in an area with laughable buying power ni umeffi, waigwa??