Do you know your politician well?

Have seen this and the words that UK poured to condole.
How well do you know your politician? Sio mdomo kubwa kwa TV.knowing what they have actually implemented on the ground.
Was surprised to learn that a year into elections, some a.holes haven’t uttered a word in parliament.
I was actually surprised to learn that my MP actually has made a lot of strides development wise but being the Kenya we are in, I know he won’t be reelected cz even last time alipita Kati Kati yao.

When Sen.Prengei passed on many asked “Who the F is that?!”.

I mean that MCA wa Taita Taveta.
Leader of Minority

Same as where I am in central. The most hardworking MCA ever but if he clings on to jubilee as he’s doing now, he’ll be done for.

It’s so unfortunate