Do you know someone who has gone mad?

2 weeks back was driving in an old hood of mine. I waz driving past a jamaa I knew back in the day like 25yrs back when I waz in my late teens. He saw me first as i drove past him and called my name. I stopped since I was doing like 20kph on a bumby road so could stop easily.

We chatted then aliniambia “Salamia johnnie”. First looked at the 2 jamaas he was with and was like “none of these guys looks like johnnie”.

Saa kidogo he called a guy chilling at the gate who begun coming to the passenger side of my car.

So I openned the paasenger window and the guy leaned inside it. Mazeee i was SHOCKED!

I had heard through the grapevine that the guy had been to a mental institution but i never knew it was this bad. Yani the guy was barely recognizzble.

Dirty, dishevelled and kulaing veve. I mean when we were in our teens, this guy was the rich kid. He was the @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii . Veve was not in his vocabulary and I remember passing on some of his drinking escapades back in the day since it was beyond my pocket.

His oldman was a very prominent Moi operative hence the cash he had.

When he saw me, he immediately kumbukad me and called me by name. Made some small talk and left him with 150 which he appeared very grateful.

I found odd that that the guy could have angukad like this into madness since his oldman is a very rich guy to this day.

A few days later i was with a doctor friend of mine and mentioned the experience. Aliniambia a high percentage of mad guys its due to disease. Not stress of life. And he told me the number 1 cause is untreated syphilis. You can catch it and not know you have it. In many people it wont show up in tests and have no outward symptoms. So jamaa thinks he is ok but inakukula pole pole. 20yrs later, you are a nearing a vegetable state.

On the day i met the jamaa, i went, had my drink and passed by where i found him around 8:30pm on my way back home. He was still sitting at the same spot I saw him, outside his oldmans gate on a blanket in the darkness. He seemed to be chewing veve.

So nyinyi dryfry artists hapa chungeni.

That’s why it’s very important to take those antibacterials kama amoxicillin ukiwa na homa they end up treating so many other ailments for randy teenagers

Syphilis manifests itself in a painless sore on the tip of the penis around three weeks after a person contracts it. The symptoms go away after sometimes but later stages are as harmful as those of untreated HIV/AIDS

Hata ile ya trachoma

so unataka kusema senior Manager kama @LIEN akiwa CEO wa KCB in the next 15 years zinaweza murarukia?

hebu saidia @LIEN vile hio forensic test ya hio hidden syphilis inafanywa.

but i dont agree huyo jamaa , alikuwa tu spoilt kid na zikamrarukia. as you said mbuyu wake ni mdosi so kama ni hivo daktari angeona kitambo

Pia sleep depravity lead to kuchizi. Usingizi ni muhimu kwanza hizi ghasia hukula jaba 24/7 wako na risk ya kuchizi. Kama huwa hutemi na kulala.
Kuna chizi kadhaa najua mogoka ilishort medulla oblongata. Saa hii ni mazombie.

Campo roommate alikuwa msee wa weed sana. Siku moja nilimpata kwa pavement akitembea akijiongelesha

kwani hii kijiji watu wakona miaka ngapi kumbe mimi hubishana na wazee hapa. I now understand why people are always bitter in this forum ni mid life crisis inawatwanga shiet mehn.

anyways hizi vitu watu huzaliwa nazo kama schizophrenia na bipolar, wakitumia drugs madimoni zinaamka.

Al capone comes to mind. There may be truth in this.

Undiagnosed mental health issue pia leads to kuchizi. People huko nje suffer from variety of mental health issues lakini no one is there to help.

Pokea like, for posting an engaging topic with useful information. Kudos.

I always wonder about this weed and madness thing. Watu hapa wamechapa hii kitu na huwa tu poa. Could it be other drugs ama ni ukweli weed hutupiaha mbao?

Mimi hifikiria maybe it affects people differently. Kuna mtu anaweza vuta maisha yake yote bila major impact. Kuna msee atavuta one or two years ararukiwe. Issue sasa ni there is no way of knowing where you fit in those groups and the risk of finding out is too high.

In his case I think there are elements of neglect, convoluted factors such as drugs and garden variety mental illness. He must have ignored many symptoms along the way, including the painless penile chancre which is the first symptom. At the second stage there’s an unmistakable generalized rash but he kept ignoring until now it’s too late. Such people end up dying from a dissected aorta, so a very simple disease gone awry.

Huko nje ni wapi? Na ndani ni wapi?

ma born 2002 tafadhali muwache kujibizana na wasee hapa

In our society.

kuna screenshot niliona jamaa amejibizana na wasee wamemuuzia laptop, anadai ati iko na spying devices ndani

alafu later screenshots inaonyesha facebook profile yake banae, jamaa anaongea vitu strange sana. ati alibomoa laptop akitafuta holy ghost listening devices, na day ingine alienda tao akasikia sauti ikitoka statehouse ikimtukana south east direction

Wafurutaji fangi hawapendi kuambiwa vile hiyo kitu hu-affect chemical composition ya akili.

Some turn out okay, others go batshit crazy. Sahii up to 70% of teenagers (13 years or older) are already abusing bhang. Hizi kesi unaskia za watu kuchinjana, in the next decade zitakuwa x15

I knew this family friend really smart and humble kid, but cheap weed and mogoka did a number on him…we ended up finding him hanging from a rope…the good truly do die young.