Do you have friends from other races?

As in actual friends you hang out with and stuff not just colleagues or acquaintances you make occasional small talk with.

As a somali of Arab origin, I have a lot of black friends like mama ya @PHARMACY

Msenge mwizi crossdresser mbwa hii


Yes angelic friends God and his angel Gabriel and other heavenly beings…

Where’s this heading?

Races gani tuko nayo hapa mtaa other than wahindi? Wewe have you ever hangout na wahindi uone ka utaburudika.

wadau tumieni mechanized infantry wa AMG hapa blue eye moja atombe. Please

Labda nikurushie albino umvalishe contact lenses



Natafuta Thailand ladyboy friend

:D:D:D:D:D:D finish him compretiry

From my list only Arabs are missing