Do you have a female or a male brain

Take a close look at the following image. Do you see a man running towards you or away from you?
Put your answers below.



I can see a transgender male. Does that mean my brain is female and has a fallopian tube?

Question is, is he running from you or towards you?

Awaiting your response.

useless homosexual thread

Patco weka response bana.

Of course he is running away from me. Nobody can dare play with mighty Jimit. When I come around, niggas start to panic.

He could be posing. A total poser. How do we know the individual is running?

Tell us. Hapa sio darasa ya kuuliza maswali

Away from

Let’s assume he is running, just for purposes of he study. Is he running towards you or away from you?

I need 10 -15 responses. Can you add yours.

He’s running towards me

95% Away 5% towards

Niki muok warazi wanabuya



Wacha niwape majibu and save you from attention seeking upus from low IQ @Simiyu22

Running towards - male
Running away - female

You is a Male

You is a tranny

That does not look like running. Looks like dancing ama kuruka fence